MD 050: N(59) – FAHRN

It´s been a while since a friend told us about a musician who is playing great heavy drones with his guitar. It was like “you should check out his show, he sounds great”. That´s what we did. We visited a show and it was overwhelming. Not only his music, but also talking to him after the show. This was also the beginning of a great friendship with Hellmut Neidhardt aka N and the start of an ongoing live experience. So it was a nice idea to celebrate this circumstance with a very special live document: N (59) “Fahrn”, a boxset with 7 tapes featuring 14 live sets and 507 minutes of music.

“Fahrn” features shows from 2009 – 2017. Every tape side is one show handpicked and mixed by the artist. All tapes are housed in o-cards, featuring pictures from all 14 shows. In those 507 minutes you will find 22 tracks, 10 of them are previously unreleased and 2 are pre-versions of later released studio recordings.

If you listen to the vinyl records by N, it´s always a great feeling, but it´s nothing compared to the intensity of the live shows. The tapes try to capture this live feeling, so no extra mastering was made after the final mixes by N. Just play it loud and you will get that magic raw moments of those live sets, moving from quiet ambient landscapes to loud and distorted drone and noise walls.

“Fahrn” Tracklist
Tape 1
Essen / Zollverein I: Zollverein / 35 59
Essen / Zollverein II: Wiek, Blauort, Prora-Stadt / 40 35
Tape 2
Bochum / FKT: Rote Fuhr / 24 17
Duisburg / Djaezz: Baerl / 23 12
Tape 3
Koblenz / Jam Club: Oie Kirr, Wehle, Suedfall / 63 50
Essen / Steinhaus: SH-1, Rote Fuhr, SH-2 / 53 47
Tape 4
Wuppertal / Galerie Groelle: Arrenberg / 29 54
Antwerp / Het Bos: Oie Kirr (dead pog version) / 28 05
Tape 5
Muenster / Cuba: Albachten / 43 21
Bielefeld / Uebersehcontainer: Baerl, Suedfall / 29 21
Tape 6
Essen / Emokeller: Ek-Rue, Prora-Stadt / 38 56
Dortmund / Sissikingkong: Deusen / 35 30
Tape 7
Gent / Kinkystar: Gent / 29 58
Duisburg / Topperhouse: Ruhrort / 30 12

All the tapes are clean white with flat shells featuring onbody prints, housed in black and white o-cards. Bringing the o-cards into the right chronological order, you can see a big black N logo on the one side of the spine and on the other side, all the credits of the release appear in the right order. The box is made of thick white 800g cardboard and has a handstamped N logo (stamped by N) on the top and is also stampnumbered on the bottom (01/25 – 25/25). All boxes come with a download code for all 14 live shows.

Limited to just 25 copies.
Preorder starts 20.12.2018 |20:00 german time



As you might have noticed our family is growing including many Italian artist and we are very happy to present you SARRAM alias Valerio Marras from Sardinia.

“Four Movements Of A Shade” is the second solo album by SARRAM. It features four haunting tracks, that move through different genres like doom, drone, ambient and somehow minimal post-rock, played with just a guitar and some synths. The idea behind that album was to go to the studio without having tracks: just an idea and the mood SARRAM had in mind to play an improvisational session. The result was recorded in one day at Blacktooth Studio by Nicola Olla and it turned out as a very dark and intense soundjourney. You can feel the temper of the recording session by listening to the four tracks of this record.

SARRAM recommends very loud volume for listening and yes we do that, too. The mastering by James Plotkin brings out all the details of the tracks, like maximum crackling of loud distorted parts but also the very quiet whispering of the guitar strings.

If you like artists like Sunn O))), Aidan Baker, N and Barn Owl, you will love this record.

“Four Movements Of A Shade” comes in edition of 200 copies housed in a black 4 panel sleeve with stunning black and white graphic artwork by Claudio Spanu.

Release date: 23.11.2018
Preorder starts 08.10.2018 | 20:00 (german time)

I (11:12)
II (5:52)
III (15:21)
IV (7:29)


We are pleased to announce a very special collaboration between two very special north Italian artists: Giulio Aldinucci and The Star Pillow aka Paolo Monti. Two artists who are very active since the last few years, both with a very elaborate focus on ambient music.

The result of this collaboration is called “Hidden”. A very intense, intimate, minimal and mindblowing four track album, focusing on field recordings, electronic sounds and guitar drones. The mixture of those ingredients brings something very beautiful to life. As we are big fans of both artists, we never had thought that a collaboration of Aldinucci and Monti would bring such a metamorphosis to the soundcosmos of both artists.

Just when you get an idea of the album after hearing the first track “To Be Invisible”, the second track “Hypothesis For An End” takes you on a 27 minutes long mesmerizing and intoxicating trip with a beautiful worked out climax. After that you need the following tracks to calm down. A perfect weight of electronic sounds and very calm and gentle played guitar, all mastered by Antonio Gallucci. A floating and buzzing masterpiece.

“Hidden” comes in an edition of 200 copies with a matte finished 4 panel artwork, featuring cover artwork by Giulio Aldinucci.

Release date: 23.11.2018
Preorder starts 08.10.2018 | 20:00 pm (german time)

To Be Invisible (5:25)
Hypothesis For An End (27:28)
Third Space (7:09)
Getting Cold (7:10)

MD 044: N (46) / [ B O L T ]

Once again we are very proud to present you a new album by the german collaboration N + [ B O L T ]. It´s the 3rd full length album, once again nameless, once again summon after his artwork as “die Krähe (the crow)”, which follows the sold out nameless albums known as “der Hase (the rabbit)” and “das Hörnchen (the squirrel)”.

The album features tracks from the last session of the band as a trio (as for now [ B O L T ] grew and became a band with two bass players and a drummer). Imagine an industrial area, with big smokestacks and metal architecture, mostly quiet and sometimes interrupted by machine noises and from somewhere you hear the sound of N + [ B O L T ] coming through the walls of an old brickstone building. This is what you see and hear around the recording studio, where the band recorded and mixed the album.

After their last album, the band decided to evolve their sound to something they call “black drone”. And yes, what you hear is not ambient anymore, it is a very intense noise soundwall focusing on rhythmic and marching drones and dark soundscapes. You can still hear the signature sound of the N guitar and the [ B O L T ] basses, but this time the band pushes the sound without calming down. It´s a rough album and maybe the most heavy album in our discography.

The album comes in an edition of 100 red transparent and 100 black vinyl records, housed in a thick 350g reverse printed sleeve, with a dark and rough artwork. Including a download code.

Release date: 23.11.2018
Preorder starts 08.10.2018 | 20:00 pm (german time)

9.45 (9:45)
6.50 (6:50)
10.20 (10:20)
13.42 (13:42)



Italian musician Attilio Novellino is a multi-instrumentalist with a very detailed view on soundscapes. His music consists of fragile floating ambient soundscapes, supplemented by noisy soundwalls and band orientated parts. A very diversified but homogeneous mixture, that creates a signature sound for this special album, called “A Conscious Effort”.

The album features a variation of guest musicians like Tim Barnes, Alex Vatagin, Daniel Mackenzie (Ekca Liena), Witxes and more, who contributed their instrumental parts to a soundcosmos that takes you on a journey through shallow soundclouds but also through very band-like structures moving from ambient, electronic, drone and noise to doom-like tracks. All in all the album has a very warm approach to sounds and the vinyl mastering by Rashad Becker places the right emphasis on it.

Listen to the stunning “The Anatomy Of Envy”:

“A Conscious Effort” comes in an edition of 100 copies on transparent vinyl with a stunning reverse printed black and white artwork, printed on 350g cardboard.

Release Date: 05.10.2018

Side A: 1 Conceptual Experience of the Body | 2 False Self Cage | 3 Boundless Hope, Boundless Illusion | 4 The Anatomy of Envy | 5 Shamecore
Side B: 1 Pure | 2 Neurofeedback Radiations | 3 Satan Is Always Happy | 4 Perceptual Experience of the Body | 5 You Falling | 6 Amygdala Poetry


We are very happy to announce a very special co-release with thisquietarmy records in celebration of the 10th birthday of the debut album by thisquietarmy.

“Unconquered” was released 10 years ago and has put thisquietarmy‘s career on the map. After being re-released on vinyl back in 2011, we now celebrate another extended re-release on double CD.

First of all “Unconquered” got a completely new artwork by Eric Quach in connection with the tour book “Conqueror”, that got released by thisquietarmy in 2017 and which is available here. The album got re-mastered by thisquietarmy, giving the tracks some new sound aspects and dynamics. And to round up the package we added some very special tracks from 2008. Starting from “Dronewars”, which was already released digital and on vinyl, but we also included an extra CD featuring previously unreleased tracks and live recordings. One of those rarities is the epic 30 minutes instrumental track called “Into Dust / Out Of Dust”, inspired by Mazzy Star´s “Into Dust”. The whole package brings you an experience of 137 minutes of timeless ambient and drone music.

“Unconquered 2008-2018” comes as a 2CD, limited to 280 copies in a matt reverse printed digisleeve featuring photographies by Eric Quach, taken during his touring through the whole world.

Release Date: 14.09.2018
Preorder: starts 03.08.2018



CD 1
Immobilization 6:16
Battlefield Arkestrah (featuring Aidan Baker) 8:52
Warchitects 5:16
The Sun Destroyers 6:42
Death of a Sailor 5:35
The Great Escapist 6:23
Mercenary Flags 9:36
Empire 6:22
Dronewars (Bonus Track; previously released digital and on vinyl re-issue 2011) 15:03

CD 2 (previously unreleased)
Into Dust / Out of Dust 30:33
Mercenary Flags | Empire (Live) 19:06
Battlefield Arkestrah | Warchitects (Live) 14:53
The Great Escapist (Unplugged) 2:01


øjeRum is a Danish artist who focusses on collages and on ambient music, using the same approach by bringing different elements together to create a conclusive new piece of art. The album “Selv I Drømme Lyser Den Første Sne” combines those two artistic approaches and the result is a beautiful album with a collage artwork by øjeRum and a 20minutes long ambient track in two variations.

“Selv I Drømme Lyser Den Første Sne” is Danish and means “Even In Dreams The First Snow Glows”. Side A features a 20minutes long ambient track, which evolves out of short loops that model themselves into a floating, waving and mesmerizing soundwall. Side B features a different version of the track, formed of the same melodies like on side A, but this time played on cello by Aaron Martin. øjeRum arranged the cello parts, like using his own ambient loops. The result is a cello based track with also evolving sounds that seem to change during the track. You also get the idea of vocals or other instruments, but it´s just the looped cello themes.

The album got mastered by Mark Kuykendall, who worked out the details of the sound, so you can hear all the waving and floating soundchanges.


Vinyl / Download:
A. Selv I Drømme Lyser Den Første Sne 19:59
B. Selv I Drømme Lyser Den Første Sne (Strings by Aaron Martin) 19:44

Bonus Digital Track:
Selv I Drømme Lyser Den Første Sne (Dual Version)
This version brings both tracks together into one and shows a new perspective.
This track is only available with the download code, that is included in every vinyl order.

“Selv I Drømme Lyser Den Første Sne“ comes in an edition of 100 trans-violet copies on 12inch vinyl. Reverse printed matt cardboard with full coloured artwork and labels, featuring collages by øjeRum.

Realease date 15.06.2018



We are very happy to introduce you to MATAWAN and their world of slowly rising ambient landscapes.

London based Multi-instrumentalist duo MATAWAN featuring Gareth Chapman and Barclay Brennan was formed back in 2013 and focusses on slow and long melodies and all the fine textures that evolve out of ambient music.

“We Lingered in the Chambers of the Sea” is a beautiful over half an hour track, that takes you on a journey, that gives you a feeling of levitation, that abducts you from wherever you where, before starting listening to that track.

“We Lingered in the Chambers of the Sea” is named after a line found in a poem by T.S. Eliot, describing the feeling of the music and the way how the band works with it. Using antiquated and modern forms of music technology, MATAWAN primarily focus on producing highly saturated and evolving textures. To achieve this, the pieces are usually made from dozens of tiny melodies, that are played or derived from short field recordings, densely layered to create what you can hear on this tape.

The album comes in an edition of 50 copies. Turquoise tapes, full coloured cardboard inlay made of old t-shirts and a thick die-cut cross fold out sleeve.

Release date: 06.04.2018
Preorder starts 01.03.2018 | 20:00 (german time)

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We are proud to present you a limited tape release, by two artists from the Netherlands.

Born out of a deep friendship for ambient music Amandus Schaap and Evert Kramer joined forces to create “Done”. A beautiful piece of ambient work, full of fragile moments blessed with melancholia and hidden soundmessages.

Evert Kramer plays classic piano surrounded by different kind of ambient and noise sounds by Amandus Schaap, known for his Moniker Equal Stones. The album evolves out of tiny piano themes, harmonies and different layers of guitar drones and field recordings. Although the tracks have melancholic titles, there is always a feeling of hope in the tracks. It is this divergency that brings the album to the point.

The mastering by Rafael Anton Irisarri brings out a very warm atmosphere, which perfectly fits for this tape release.

The tape is limited to 50 copies housed in thick cardboard o-cards. The tapes come in a beautiful green transparent colour with a full printed A side.


Rain In My Heart
The Act Of Giving Up

Mine Is Broken, Yours Is Spent
Drowning, Surface Reflections
Sinners Took Us Along

Release date is 06.04.2018
Proerder starts 01.03.2018 | 20:00 (german time)

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We are very happy to present you a new improvisational collaboration album.

In 2015 three artists came together for a studio session: Dirk Serries (Fear Falls Burning, VidnaObmana, Microphonics, The Void Of Expansion) on guitar,  Tomas Järmyr (Yodok, Zu, Motorpsycho, Werl, Sunswitch, Saw) on drums and Eirik Havnes (Saw) on guitar.

You might say this music originates in the 2014 releases “Ashes and Blues” by The Void Of Expansion (Serries/Järmyr) and “No Way Black” by SAW (Havnes/Järmyr). While both duos were planning new recording sessions, the idea of a collaboration emerged – and so a session was scheduled for May 16th 2015. This album is the result of what happened that day in a basement studio in downtown Trondheim. No written music, an all improvised first encounter.

The result of this improvised session is a 55minutes long beast of different layers and styles. It´s jazzy, it´s krautrock, it´s spacerock, it´s drone and something inbetween. Beginning as an experimental journey with haunted drums and floating guitar sounds, with surprising interjections and twists until the track comes to a point where it seems to get quiet, just to build up a 20minute long climax.

The album comes in a matt finished six-panel-digisleeve, limited to 250 copies.

Release date is 23.03.2018.
Preorder starts 01.03.2018. | 20:00 (german time)

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