amboo_coverAmboo is a new collaboration between two completely different musicians. The duo consists of Theriak, who is normally doing a kind of dark melancholic synthiepop, and Tissika, who is focussed on drone and ambient sounds. Both of them already are related to our label. Theriak is one of the artists on “Postcards From Bochum” and Tissika did the artwork for our first release “Vomos”.

After meeting each other and after a lot of conversations about music, they noticed that they were following the same interests. Finally they came together to transform their different musical ideas. The result is “Zu Reden gibt es Nichts”, an EP with five instrumental tracks, that move from synthiesounds to drone and ambient soundscapes. Amboo are melting guitar and bass drones with different sorts of synthesizers in a very minimalistic way, that makes the tracks sound like a sort of score for a very dark science fiction movie.

Limited to 100 pieces, housed in a 450g digipack.

You can order “Zu Reden gibt es Nichts” here.

You can listen to “Stille zwischen den Gärten” right here:

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