After releasing three albums on CD (check our Summer Sale below) we thought it would be nice to concentrate on analog mediums again and so we decided to focus on tape and vinyl releases. You can check our Releases page to get a sneak preview of what we will release in the next months.

ninemiles_bogatzke_split-tape MIDIRAOur first tape release is already done and ready to be shipped: ninemiles & Bogatzke are sharing a red tape, that is limited to 20 pieces.

Both artists are from Germany and both of them share the love for experimental music. We already released “Grímsey”, the debut of ninemiles, which is full of dizzying electronic sounds. You can read some nice words over at Unruhr and coolibri.

On this tape ninemiles moves further on the experimental path of electronic music. His tracks are full of new sound ideas and strangly consuming melodies. A perfect addendum to his debut album.

Bogatzke focusses more on experimental sounds housed in a post-rock-jacket. He loves catchy melodies and atmospheric soundscapes and that is what makes his music deeply positive.

While ninemiles is using the rhythm of his sounds to create a beat, Bogatzke brings out real electronic drums to support his sounds. There is always something in the craft of both artists that can be compared in an abstract way.This is what makes this split release so special. There is this small path between contrast and equality that brings the sounds of ninemiles & Bogatzke together.

All 20 tapes, including a feather, are handcrafted by the artists and the artwork was made by the nice guys over at Hummelgrafik. Grab your copy here

ninemiles and bogatzke

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