“Flow” is the first tape release by greek artist Zenjungle alias Phil Gardelis.

P6041024 Gardelis comes from Athens. A big town, with very noisy and spirited streets. A place where old and new architecture and culture flows together. This is exactly what you can here on this album. Zenjungle uses tenor saxophone, electric guitar, synths and field recordings to create something that flows between ambient, drone, jazz and noise.

P6041012His warm sounds are floating perfectly and they are fitting perfectly on tape. In the moment you think, that you are in the flow of the track, you get surprised by a new sound, that comes directly or indirectly to your ears.

So many parabolas for that simple word “Flow”. Listen and find out for yourself.

Rivers 7:18
Forever 6:43
Constancy 11:47
Wildflowers 7:51

The tape is limited to 70 copies and comes in a die-cutted cross-folded anthrazite cardboard sleeve. Including a gatefolded inlay on thick cardboard and a download code.

Release date: 26. June 2015

The Preorder starts on 12. June 2015 at 21:00 (german time) right here…


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