We are very happy to present you a new improvisational collaboration album.

In 2015 three artists came together for a studio session: Dirk Serries (Fear Falls Burning, VidnaObmana, Microphonics, The Void Of Expansion) on guitar,  Tomas Järmyr (Yodok, Zu, Motorpsycho, Werl, Sunswitch, Saw) on drums and Eirik Havnes (Saw) on guitar.

You might say this music originates in the 2014 releases “Ashes and Blues” by The Void Of Expansion (Serries/Järmyr) and “No Way Black” by SAW (Havnes/Järmyr). While both duos were planning new recording sessions, the idea of a collaboration emerged – and so a session was scheduled for May 16th 2015. This album is the result of what happened that day in a basement studio in downtown Trondheim. No written music, an all improvised first encounter.

The result of this improvised session is a 55minutes long beast of different layers and styles. It´s jazzy, it´s krautrock, it´s spacerock, it´s drone and something inbetween. Beginning as an experimental journey with haunted drums and floating guitar sounds, with surprising interjections and twists until the track comes to a point where it seems to get quiet, just to build up a 20minute long climax.

The album comes in a matt finished six-panel-digisleeve, limited to 250 copies.

Release date is 23.03.2018.
Preorder starts 01.03.2018. | 20:00 (german time)

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MD 008We are very happy to announce this limited release. This Tape is the last document in a series of three impressive performances that got recorded in the “Christuskirche Bochum” in Germany. The first performance is the live set by A-Sun Amissa (MD 004), which you can download on our bandcamp for free, the second one is the live improvisation “Cameo” by Aidan Baker & Maik Erdas (MD 006) which you can order in our store and finally comes the improvised live collaboration by Aidan Baker & A-Sun Amissa featuring Maik Erdas on Drums.

MD 008

What you can here on the Tape is the result of a spontaneous idea to play a collaboration as a quintet. A slowly growing piece, swelling and floating. Three guitars, viola and drums steady united into a 22minutes long piece that evokes different moods. Just listen to “17.02.2012 DE” and find out for yourself:

The Tape comes in a limited edition of 99 pieces in three different handmade and hand-die-cutted cardboard sleeves: 33 in graphite-black, 33 in medium-grey and 33 in deer-orange, made out of 300g cardboard. The Tape is pea-green and includes a 450g inlay card and a download code.

MD 008

The B-Side of the Tape includes “25.02.2012 FR”. This is a collaboration track by Aidan Baker and A-Sun Amissa that got previously released digitally (free download) on

Preorder starts 03 / 02 / 2014 – 20:00 (german time)

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Release date: 18 / 02 / 2014