Three years ago ninemiles released his debut album “Grímsey” as a reflection of his journey to the island with the same name. After releasing several tracks from the Grímsey recording session, ninemiles returns now with his sophomore album “objects of identical weight and semblance”.

NinemilesThe album features seven tracks that are moving in the dark interspaces of ambient, drone and noise. All starts very calm with “tangential” and than the sound turns very raw in “diversification: noise isolation”, just to be more silent again in “less”. You can also discover a kind of drone melody in tracks like “quadrille paper”. And when you think, you identified a certain musical style “(8(10)” and “invisible curtains” are creeping into your ears with noise and electronic beats, just to dissolve into “inverted”, a massive and epic drone track, that also could be a part of a David Lynch soundtrack. Listen:

This album is kind of a darker version of “Grímsey”, but also much more warmer and sophisticated as the debut album. The album is mixed by the other half of [ B O L T ]: Andreas Brinke aka Bordunoise, what makes this piece of music also somehow a stripped version of [ B O L T ], without bass guitars.

ninemiles tapeninemiles tape“objects of identical weight and semblance” comes in a very limited edition of 50 copies on blue tape housed in a marine blue cardboard sleeve with two different innersleeves made of handmade and handprinted japanese paper provided by Pulp Papier (managed by Leah Buckareff from Nadja). The cardboard sleeves are handmade and feature a silver ink stamp design on the outside and stamped credits on the inside. All tapes include a download code.

Release Date: 19.02.2016
Preorder starts: 08.02.2016 /// 20:00 (german time) /// All preorders receive a free copy of “Grímsey”.

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After releasing three albums on CD (check our Summer Sale below) we thought it would be nice to concentrate on analog mediums again and so we decided to focus on tape and vinyl releases. You can check our Releases page to get a sneak preview of what we will release in the next months.

ninemiles_bogatzke_split-tape MIDIRAOur first tape release is already done and ready to be shipped: ninemiles & Bogatzke are sharing a red tape, that is limited to 20 pieces.

Both artists are from Germany and both of them share the love for experimental music. We already released “Grímsey”, the debut of ninemiles, which is full of dizzying electronic sounds. You can read some nice words over at Unruhr and coolibri.

On this tape ninemiles moves further on the experimental path of electronic music. His tracks are full of new sound ideas and strangly consuming melodies. A perfect addendum to his debut album.

Bogatzke focusses more on experimental sounds housed in a post-rock-jacket. He loves catchy melodies and atmospheric soundscapes and that is what makes his music deeply positive.

While ninemiles is using the rhythm of his sounds to create a beat, Bogatzke brings out real electronic drums to support his sounds. There is always something in the craft of both artists that can be compared in an abstract way.This is what makes this split release so special. There is this small path between contrast and equality that brings the sounds of ninemiles & Bogatzke together.

All 20 tapes, including a feather, are handcrafted by the artists and the artwork was made by the nice guys over at Hummelgrafik. Grab your copy here

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes people visit places that are so impressive, that they start taking a lot of pictures and when they move back home, they decide to make a photoalbum. ninemiles did not focus on taking pictures. After he moved back from his journey to the island called Grímsey, he started writing songs.

“Grímsey” is the debut album of ninemiles that emerged from the idea to form the reminiscence of the icelandic island to sounds. The album consists of nine tracks that move between ambient, classic piano melodies, synthiedrones and experimental moments. In one moment you feel secure while listening to melancholic melodies, in the next moment you got covered by dark drones. Day & night, sea & land, good & bad converse on this breathtaking record.

ninemiles is the soloproject of Thomas who is one part of the Bass-Drone-Duo [BOLT]. On “Grímsey” he moves away from the massive sounds of his bassguitar and focusses on sophisticated scopes of electronic music.

“Grímsey” will be released in a limited edition of 200 CDs housed in Digipacks (450g cardboard) with stunning snapshots from the island Grímsey. First 30 orders will get a special booklet with additional photographies, selected by the artist.

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Release date: March 4th 2013