We want to give you some information about how the current corona situation affects our work.

Positive Impacts (what we can do)

First of all, thanks to everyone who ordered or preordered our current releases. Without your orders, we couldn´t move on, cause all we do is based on your support.

The Nadja and Hypnodrone Ensemble Tapes are almost sold out (we have a few left in the store). So we already paid out the proceeds (on sold out basis) to the bands. That was only possible, cause of your orders.

Up next are some free digital releases, which will be released in the next weeks. We want to introduce you to some new artists and give you some free music to endure the quarantine time.

Negative Impacts (out of our control)

As you might already noticed, shipping is currently a bit more complicated, cause of the corona situation limitation. We can ship mostly of your orders, but there are also some countries which can´t be reached currently. You can check all the details here.

We are also still waiting to receive the preorder items “Kesselhaus” by thisquietarmy and “Midair” by Jarmo Huhta. The vinyls should be shipped next week to us, so hopefully we can start shipping them to you by the end of next week.
Update (06.05.2020):
“Kesselhaus” and “Midair” finally arrived and we started packing and shipping all preorders, except those to the USA (shipping goods is currently not possible, check link above for more info).