MD 002 | CDR | Digital | 20.12.2012



Imagine a walk through a city. A mass of sounds is surrounding you. You notice them, but in the next moment they are gone and you forget about them. Why not immortalize these sounds on a sound recording medium?

Fabio Orsi, known for his ambient and drone sounds, also focusses on field recordings. In the last months he moved from town to town to share his knowledge about field recordings in several workshops around europe. One of these workshops took place in Bochum (Germany), curated by the online magazin thepostrock.de. Bochum is one of the biggest towns in the so called “Ruhrgebiet”, an area that is known for his industrial achievements and upfront people who just say what they think. A group of seven people who came from Bochum, Wuppertal, Frankfurt and Hamburg took a walk through Bochum, all of them provided with sound recorders. During a weekend they all worked on what they recorded. At the end of the workshop everyone had finished his own track shaped out of different field recordings from Bochum.

After we listened to the single tracks we were impressed by their impact. After Fabio Orsi mastered all the tracks the result impressed us even more. Postcards From Bochum is a massiv field recordings statement full of ambient and drone moments. Sometimes you can hear the origin of the sound, sometimes you just got overwhelmed by a soundwall that you cannot allocate to its origins.

“Postcards From Bochum” will be released in a limited edition of 50 CD-R housed in a handmade and handprinted canvas pouch.

01. Postcards from Bochum

Music and mastering by Fabio Orsi
CDR / Limited to 50 copies
Handmade and handprinted canvas pouch