MD 047 | 2XCD | Digital | 15.03.2019



There are a lot of commonalities if you compare the work of Aidan Baker and N, so it was just a question of time when both would play together. Back in 2016 both musicians toured together and that was the birth of a very special collaboration.

The double album Doppellive documents those two collaborations. One played in a ship in Hamburg, the other one took place in an art gallery in Wuppertal, next to the river Wupper and the Schwebebahn above it. So you have the clairaudient industrial room of the ship and an almost quiet gallery room with a skytrain next to the window, which drives through every 10 minutes and gives an extra drone effect to the sound (listen carefully).

The improvised sets show how harmonic the guitars match together. On the one side the rougher floating drone guitar sounds of N and on the other side the more ambient orientated guitar sounds of Aidan Baker. Also the leading guitar changes from part to part, so the sound never turns into a particular direction. It´s a perfect collaboration showing how music brings people together.

“Doppellive” comes as a double CD housed in a 6 panel digisleeve, reverseprinted on the rough cardboard side without finish, so you have a very tactile surface. Limited to 200 copies.

01. 150316 Hamburg / 02. 230316 Wuppertal + Hidden Track

Aidan Baker (guitar)
N (guitar)
Double CD / Limited to 200 copies / Six panel digisleeve
Reverseprinted on the rough cardboard side without finish