MD 063 | TAPE | 24.05.2019



Alessio Dutto comes from Italy. He lives in a small place in the north named Cuneo. His debut album Blurred Boundaries is an electronic drone ambient work, focusing on the concept of borders: geographical, cultural, real and imaginary. The sound itself is somewhere between harmony and noise, drone and rhythm. The aim is to stay on the borderline without going too far away from it. This trivially reflects where the recording has been made: near the border that divides Italy and France, between plains and mountains, not far from the sea.

Dutto combines elements without overblending them, so the sounds merge without overwhelming each other. You hear drones, you hear micro rhythms, you hear noise and you can hear and feel the noisy parts of “Blurred Boundaries”. A beautiful album that not just combines musical styles, but also combines feelings and emotions. You can clam down, but you can also devote yourself into the loud and angry sounding parts. It´s a nice and surprising rendition.

If you like the work of electronic artists like Tegh or Tim Hecker, you will also like Alessio Dutto.

The album got mastered by James Plotkin, who worked out the details of each sound very well.

“Blurred Boundaries” comes in an edition of 63 copies on frosted transparent tape. Printed o-cards and full onbody prints on the tape sides A/B.

Black Side: 01. Sculpted Strain / 02. Constant Sway / 03. Obsolescence Chant / 04. Supercritical
Red Side: 01. Towards Self Exile / 02. Niellage / 03. Rift

Music by Alessio Dutto
Mastering by James Plotkin
TAPE / Limited to 63 copies
Frosted transparent tape / Printed o-cards and full onbody prints on the tape sides A/B