MD 048 | Tape | Digital | 06.04.2018



We are proud to present you a limited tape release, by two artists from the Netherlands.

Born out of a deep friendship for ambient music Amandus Schaap and Evert Kramer joined forces to create Done. A beautiful piece of ambient work, full of fragile moments blessed with melancholia and hidden soundmessages.

Evert Kramer plays classic piano surrounded by different kind of ambient and noise sounds by Amandus Schaap, known for his Moniker Equal Stones. The album evolves out of tiny piano themes, harmonies and different layers of guitar drones and field recordings. Although the tracks have melancholic titles, there is always a feeling of hope in the tracks. It is this divergency that brings the album to the point.

The mastering by Rafael Anton Irisarri brings out a very warm atmosphere, which perfectly fits for this tape release.

The tape is limited to 50 copies housed in thick cardboard o-cards. The tapes come in a beautiful green transparent colour with a full printed A side.

SIDE A: 01. Rain In My Heart / 02. The Act Of Giving Up / 03. Aftermath / 04. Empathy

SIDE B: 01. Mine Is Broken, Yours Is Spent / 02. Drowning, Surface Reflections / 03. Sinners Took Us Along

Music by Amandus Schaap and Evert Kramer
Mastering by Rafael Anton Irisarri
Tape / Limited to 50 copies / Full printed sleeve made of thick brown cardboard
Transparent green tapes with full printed A side / Download code