MD 079 | TAPE | 28.02.2020



Camilla Pisani is an audiovisual artist based in Rome. She looks for the interaction between space, sounds and abstract graphic signs. Her music is a hybrid, moving into a set of influences: ambient, drone, soundscape, soft noise, and minimal electronic. She composes field recordings, suspended atmospheres, hypnotic textures marked by concrete rhythms.

Working with minimal beats, filigree structures and loops, Pisani creatures beautiful fragile tracks that transmit her personal feelings. When we first listened to the tracks we were fascinated by the calm sounds she creates by building different layers and themes to palpable tracks.

Her album “Frozen Archimia” focusses on the abstract relation between architecture and music. During 6 tracks she creates a special atmosphere that catches your attention. It´s obvious, that the title and the artwork relate to something cold and you automatically transmit this feeling to the music, but if you let the sounds work, they slowly get warmer.

The album comes as a limited tape, housed in a black and white o-card sleeve with artwork by Pisani. The tape comes simple and minimal in a white shell.

“Frozen Archimia” is limited to 50 copies including a download code featuring the album plus an epic 15minutes remix by italian soulmate Aseret.

1. No Land Frequencies
2. Like Lying Shadows
3. Music Makes Victims
4. The Playground of Resonant Hypotheses
5. The Father’s Grip
6. While We Sleep You Hug Me From Behind

all sounds by Camilla Pisani
mastered by Marie Rose
TAPE / Limited to 50 copies
o-card sleeve / white tape shell