MD 131 | DIGITAL | 13.03.2022



We have no words for what is happening in Ukraine, but we have words for what is happening with the people in Ukraine and with the millions of people who had to leave Ukraine in the last two weeks: They need help. We can help. You can help.

One week ago we asked some of our artists, if they would like to contribute a track for a benefit compilation. The result is “Cohesion”, a 23 track album, featuring previously unreleased material. The album features newly recorded tracks, occasioned by our request, but also some hidden treasures.

You can download the album on bandcamp by donating 10€ or more. We will donate all the proceeds to aid organisations, who are working to help the Ukrainians.

All proceeds will be donated in equal parts to the german accounts of those aid organisations:

The artists featured on “Cohesion” in alphabetical order:

Agate Rollings – Sangue
The italian duo contributed a track, that shows a darker side, compared to their previous work.

Aidan Baker – Doves
A short but intense ambient journey through guitar soundscapes.

Alessio Dutto – Dirt
A dark haunting piece of guitar and electronic sounds.

ASERET – Under The Influence Of Circumstances
Those electronic sounds of Andrea Loriga are always soul warming.

Corrado Maria de Santis – From The Depths (De Profundis)
A perfect melange of piano and noise sounds.

Demetrio Cecchitelli – Imaginary World
Slow bowed sounds, building up orchestral moments.

Dirk Serries – Elegy 2022
What you hear is Dirk Serries in one of our favorite epiphanies playing ambient music with electric guitar and effects. This previously unreleased track got revisited for “Cohesion”.

Fabio R. Lattuca – Dancers of Kolbigk
Beautiful warm floating ambient soundscapes.

Houses of Worship (thisquietarmy x Hellenica) – Everything Moves, Everything Passes And There is no End
Two Midira artists, one well known, the other one soon to be revealed. The song title is taken from a poem by Taras Shevchenko. How the track sounds? Awesome, of course.

Jean D.L. – La Nuit et L’enfant (ost)
Like an orchestra of delayed bells.

Karen Willems – Hel
Well known for her Midira collaborations with Aidan Baker, Karen shows a short but intense percussion insight.

Lee Yi – Absolutely Fragile (Hayví Outtake)
If you like “Hayví”, you will love this track, that didn´t make it on the album.

N (106) – Kertsch
This is one of the more quiet and intimate moments, that N created especially for this album.

Nadja – Flowers of Flesh (Live at Christuskirche Bochum – March 4, 2011)
We were surprised to recognize that this recording is 11 years old. Recorded at Christuskirche Bochum, a place that is called “Kirche der Kulturen“, a place that stands for “Cohesion” between people of Europe.

øjeRum – The Forest Sisters (Artwork)
We are very happy that øjeRum contributed a collage as artwork for our compilation. It´s a very intense piece of art.

OLO – Nuit Froide
15 minutes of bass drones, nothing more is needed.

Panoptique Electrical – Solace
Jason Sweeney recorded this track with a title that is so fragile, but what you will hear isn´t fragile. It is a strong gesture.

Ringhof – Invariably Adamant
Those drone sounds are going deep under the skin.

S A R R A M – Falling trees like random buildings
This is the first track we received after our invocation. Valerio Marras recorded this touching track the same day, using guitar, fx and tape loops. Mastered by Nicola Olla.

Sarghuma Incoxis – Las nubes no nos dejan ver el suelo
“The clouds do not let us see the ground” is the translation of this track, recorded during last week. This is the quiet side of Sarghuma Incoxis, stay tuned for the loud side, that we will reveal this year.

Tegh – Can’t Live Together, Can’t Live Apart
“It’s terrifying and heartbreaking to see what’s going on in Ukraine. As someone who lives in middle-east, I can totally feel the pain, sadness, and sorrow they have been through.” says Shahin.

The Star Pillow – Horizon
This may be the track with the most positive approach on “Cohesion”.

thisquietarmy x Labirinto – Köln (Live at 79sound Studio, 2015)
A hidden treasure. This is a track thisquietarmy and Labirinto played and recorded live at 79sound Studio, during a private show in Cologne. Somehow everyone involved lost track of it, but now, it finally hits your ears.

Zenjungle – Ingression
The ambient drone saxophone sounds of Phil Gardelis are transmitting messages in a very cordially way. Hear it. Feel it.


Help us, help the people of Ukraine, by buying the album on bandcamp.

We stand together. We are “Cohesion”.

Artwork by øjeRum based on the collage “The Forest Sisters”
all tracks mixed and mastered by the artists, except:
S A R R A M mastered by Nicola Olla
thisquietarmy x Labirinto mastered by Muriel Curi
compilation mastered by Antonio Gallucci
DIGITAL / download via bandcamp