MD 055 | Tape | Digital | 06.04.2018



We are very happy to introduce you to MATAWAN and their world of slowly rising ambient landscapes.

London based Multi-instrumentalist duo MATAWAN featuring Gareth Chapman and Barclay Brennan was formed back in 2013 and focusses on slow and long melodies and all the fine textures that evolve out of ambient music.

We Lingered in the Chambers of the Sea is a beautiful over half an hour track, that takes you on a journey, that gives you a feeling of levitation, that abducts you from wherever you where, before starting listening to that track.

“We Lingered in the Chambers of the Sea” is named after a line found in a poem by T.S. Eliot, describing the feeling of the music and the way how the band works with it. Using antiquated and modern forms of music technology, MATAWAN primarily focus on producing highly saturated and evolving textures. To achieve this, the pieces are usually made from dozens of tiny melodies, that are played or derived from short field recordings, densely layered to create what you can hear on this tape.

The album comes in an edition of 50 copies. Turquoise tapes, full coloured cardboard inlay made of old t-shirts and a thick die-cut cross fold out sleeve.

01. We Lingered In The Chambers Of The Sea

Music by Gareth Chapman and Barclay Brennan
Tape / Limited to 50 copies / Die-cut cross folded cardboard sleeve
Full coloured inlay made of recycled t-shirts / Turquoise tape
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