MD 095 | TAPE | 14.01.2022



Agate Rollings is an italian experimental electronic ambient duo formed by Alessandro Sgarito and Stefano Gallone. “Meantime / Elsewhere” comes up with very frail structured instrumental tracks, each one focussing on a carrying instrument, that morphes the track into a strong piece. You will find yourself surrounded by piano themes, bass drones and electronic soundscapes, to name a few. An elegant piece of music.

“Meantime / Elsewhere” comes in an edition of 70 copies. The pineapple yellow tapes are housed in a maltese cross folded sleeve. We used smooth cardboard to provide all the details and colours of the artwork, that is featured on both sides of the sleeve.


Agate Rollings about the album:
“Meantime / Elsewhere” is sort of a concept album which explains a nocturnal inner journey through sounds. The focus of the concept is a human being who is wandering aimlessly through the streets of a great metropolis at night, separating his being here and now from his real will about his desired earthly existence. Each step through the city – and beyond the horizon of its desolate suburbs – corresponds with a reflection on the state of things in a material reality that increasingly thins the boundaries with the inner reality of the subject. Each song is associated with a title that reports a physical position during the nocturnal journey or a specific reflection on the inner condition generated by the place or state of mind of the individual at that particular moment. The reflections coming from the inner condition of the subject of the trip are collected on a dedicated website.

01. 0.35 AM – Standing on the railway bridge, anticipating changes
02. 1.12 AM – On the fingers of a heat which is burning out
03. 1.37 AM – Open windows in the dim-light backstreets
04. 2.10 AM – Motionless in meadows of ruin, my gaze turns towards the city skyline
05. 2.47 AM – Wandering through the city desert with hands in pockets
06. 3.23 AM – In the distance, before disappearing behind the corner of a white building, the loss of life as you know it
07. 4.16 AM – A faint light through an attic window, adorned with plants forgotten
08. 5.21 AM – A slim face reflected into an unfinished shop window on a fast-flowing road
09. 5.22 AM – Dawn

Written, performed, recorded and mixed by
Agate Rollings (Alessandro Sgarito and Stefano Gallone)
Emilio Larocca Conte (mastering)
Alessandro Sgarito (artwork)
Barbara Giovannini (cover model)
Stefano Gallone (supplementary lyrics on website)
Tape / Limited to 70 copies
Full coloured artwork / maltese cross folded sleeve / printed inside-out