MD 112 | CD | 11.11.2022



“Uncanny Valley” is a dynamic album based on the so called uncanny valley concept of Robotics professor Masahiro Mori. Instead of searching for the meaning of the concept and the relation to the music, you can also just let go and let the music overfloat you. It´s a mesmerizing mix of drones, melodies, noises and beats, that grabs for attention.

About Luminance Ratio

The first record of the band “Like Little Garrisons Besieged” released in 2009 on the italian label Boring Machine, finds the band sailing in the apparently quiet waters of free-folk, electroacoustics and minimal drones. In 2012, Luminance Ratio became a quartet including sound artists Gianmaria Aprile, Andrea Ferraris, Luca Mauri and Luca Sigurtà, who decided to join this project with the intention of going into new territories, far from their usual sound, putting themselves to service to an electro-acoustic research. The result is music can make you levitate, psychically and emotionally, the different ingredients creating a unique, huge, psychedelic stream of consciousness. Luminance Ratio became a trio, with the departure of Andrea Ferraris, and in 2019 they recorded and mixed the songs of the new record, developed on the Uncanny Valley concept. A wall of sound created over guitar patterns and electronic rhythms, where the boundaries between human and posthuman become thinner and undetermined.

1. Uncanny valley
2. Sororities paradox
3. Love in Henn na hotel
4. Deepblue’s deep dream

Gianmaria Aprile: guitars, effects
Luca Mauri: guitars, effects
Luca Sigurtà: syths, loops
Recorded by Gianmaria Aprile in 2019 at ArgoLab
Mixed by Luminance Ratio in 2019/2020
Mastered by Kassian Troyer at Dubplates & Mastering – April 2020
CD / Limited to 250 copies
Full coloured artwork / four panel digisleeve / reverseboard print