MD 117 | VINYL | 03.03.2023



When we first listened to the tracks of „Noche Alucinante“ we were like freezed, just listening, no moving, pure concentration and then we noticed the magic of the album. The tracks are like a freezed moment, but still moving in a subtile way. You have to listen carefully and the magic begins to unfold, begins to float, begins to evolve. Two epic side long tracks, the first is hitting heavy with a shoegaze drone soundwall, the second one calms down into more ambient soundscapes.

„Noche Alucinante“ comes as a heavy 12inch black vinyl, housed in a thick kraft cardboard sleeve in natural brown colour. The artwork and cover drawing comes from the artist himself and is kind of an enhancement of the concept behind the music. Limited to 200 copies.

Sarghuma Incoxis is a sonic journey of Alejandro Gómez that involves ambient soundscapes combined with distorted shoegaze texture, a minimalistic approach and songs that blend with no end. With an evolving mixture between countless guitars, keyboards and loops, to create unexpected cinematic songs.


There is no concrete translation of the title “Noche Alucinante”. It might be “amazing night” but this is not accurate. In Spanish “alucinante” comes from hallucination: something that produces perceptual alterations, especially visions. Overall the concept of the music is to freeze one moment, to stay forever in eternity, to be a lost ghost wandering around, to be dead, to be alive, to not be born yet, even contradictory states and thoughts. The album cover represents this contradictory state of a young girl with white hair and old lady hands, all in one, like a ghost.

Side A: a veces no existe nadie sobre la faz de la tierra (15:07)
Side B: sol que refugia este calvario (14:06)

Composed, recorded and produced by Alejandro Gómez during winter 2020 in Ludwigsburg, Germany.
Mixed and mastered by Lucas Carnage at Estudios Montaña Sagrada in La Plata, Argentina.
Illustration and artwork by Alejandro Gómez.
12inch / black vinyl / limited to 200 copies
Full coloured artwork / natural brown kraft cardboard / printed labels