MD 126 | TAPE | 22.04.2023



It is time to introduce you to Hellenica, that half of Houses Of Worship, that wasn´t a Midira family member yet. Hellenica is Jim Demos, born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada where he honed his talents as a multi-instrumentalist. In 2009 Jim relocated to Montreal and began his journey composing ambient and experimental soundtracks. That´s where he met Eric Quach (thisquietarmy) and that´s where Houses Of Worship came to live some years ago.

Now we want to focus on the solo work of Hellenica, that is marked by a mixture of electronic and guitar sounds. “Disengagement” is a journey through those sounds, quiet, loud, ambient, drone, electronic, noise but also a touch of classic transformed into very subtile and unique sound structures.

“Disengagement” by Hellenica is a very personal work and you can hear that. Take your time to listen and dive in into his sound cosmos. It will embrace you.

“Disengagement” is limited to 60 copies on grey tapes, housed in o-cards. The o-card is printed on smooth matte cardboard and the tape shells are printed all over on both sides.

The tape was released exclusive at Moving Noises Festival 2023 and leftover tapes will be available in our online store.

1. Withdrawl
2. Decline
3. Abandonment
4. Scarcity Of Time
5. Morality
6. Life Space

all sounds by Jim Demos
artwork by Jim Demos
TAPE / Limited to 60 copies
o-card / smooth matte cardboard / onbody print on both sides of cassette