MD 129 | DIGITAL | 01.04.2022



We follow the works of Demetrio Cecchitelli for a while now, since we talked about releasing an album a while ago. The italian artist started releasing experimental music just a few years ago and has already reached a respectable discography.

“Impetus” is a two track album, that kind of came to live overnight and wasn´t even supposed to be submissioned to us. Originally we were talking about another album, when Demetrio was like “i also recorded this one yesterday, maybe you like to listen…”. Well, here we go.

“Impetus” captures the energy of one moment, that we like to share with you. The floating sounds with an unique raw shape are leaving a permamnet impression. It´s maybe the improper magnitude between ambient an drone that makes the tracks so warm and haunting at once. In the end Stephan Mathieu did manage to bring out all the introverted grace of the guitar sounds with a brilliant mastering.

So make a coffee or tea, turn on “Impetus” and find yourself a relaxing place to dive into the music of Demetrio Cecchitelli.


Demetrio Cecchitelli about Impetus:

Recorded in a night, with all sound material coming from an amplified classical guitar, this work evokes a diluted narration and dramaturgy within two single long-form movements. As the title itself represents a feeling, the will is to figure out a moment in its cosmic dilation and suspension. Crystalized and long reverberated chords fall into electronic sound design (in real time): from trance-inceptive flows to distorted harshness, sticking together to a hyper-realistic imagery. A strong sense of propulsion.

01. Impeto 1 (14:18)
02. Impeto 2 (12:14)

Mastering by Stephan Mathieu
Cover art by Chiara Benzi
Produced by Demetrio Cecchitelli
DIGITAL / only available on bandcamp