MD 131 | DIGITAL | 04.02.2022



Peristalith is an artist from Tenderloin (San Francisco). After releasing a couple of tapes in the past, he now returns with a new EP named “Vertigo”.

On “Vertigo” you will find two epic floating, sizzling and rumbling drone pieces. The EP starts with a crescendo, no time to prepare yourself for what is coming, you are in the middle of a drone orchestra, created in a very creative way.

“Apocarteresis” was recorded by stretching galvalized steel wire over a found piece of scrap wood, tuning it with piano tuning pegs, striking and playing it with a bow. The field recording near the end was made in the central highlands of Vietnam.

“Vertigo” was recorded by feeding synthesizer to a TEAC A-1500 quarter inch tape machine which was purchased from an antiques collector in Hồ Chí Minh City.

Even the cover artwork originated in a very special way, lit entirely by moonlight.

Listen to it loud and get lost in the sounds. Impressive.

If you like what you hear, it may be interesting for you, that we will release a Peristalith Anthology in a few months, including all previously released tracks, newly mastered by Aidan Baker. Stay tuned.

1. Apocarteresis
2. Vertigo

Music by Peristalith
Mastered by OVRSCN
Photography by Peristalith
Digital / Available on Bandcamp