MD 139 | CD | 25.11.2022



Houses of Worship is the collaborative project by Eric Quach (thisquietarmy) and Jim Demos (Hellenica). On “Migration” you will find 12 tracks full of smooth experimental tracks, featuring electronic soundscapes and guitar drones, melting together into something that could be described as post-Fripp-Eno drones.

Both Montreal based artists crossed paths performing on the same nights in the same venues in 2014 and then again in 2016, while they were on tour in Europe. In 2020 they decided to record a collaborative album, which came out in 2021, named “Houses Of Worship”. An epic work of experimental industrial ambient, an ode to dying buildings and the unwelcome gentrification of neighborhoods.

Shortly after the debut release, they played their first concerts in the streets of Montreal from inside of a cube truck. These performances were filmed and recorded to produce “TQAXHLNKA: MIGRATION,” a twenty-two-minute experimental art documentary and this accompanying soundtrack. The film simulated the cautionary tale of what the Montreal arts and music scene could look like in a post-pandemic world. As the title suggests, it reflects the highly concerning exodus of artists constantly being divided and pushed out further from their community. With the current struggles linked to the pandemic restrictions, we have seen the acceleration of the gentrification process in neighborhoods where the heart of these activities takes place. As a result, a multitude of venues, studios and artistic spaces – places used for exchanging ideas with our peers and building communities meant to
inspire and nurture our souls had to shut down.

“Migration” comes in 6 panel digisleeve, with reverseboard printed design. Featuring a 24 page art booklet, offset printed, including drone photographies from the film venue. And because this is a soundtrack, you will find a hidden QRcode in the artwork, which leads you to the movie.

  1. Hanging Electricity
  2. Belz
  3. Mile-End End Game
  4. Champs Des Possibles
  5. Walla Olo
  6. Jardin Du Cari
  7. Pointe-Aux-Trembles Drones
  8. Industrial Estate Bird´s Eye
  9. Total Waste Management
  10. Polytethylene Terephthalate
  11. Oil Terminal Tank Farm
  12. Throbbing Magnetics
Performed by Thisquietarmy x Hellenica
Recorded by Eric Quach – May + June 2021
Mixed and Edited by Jim Demos – February 2022
Mastered by Eric Quach
Artwork design by Eric Quach
Film Concept by – Jim Demos and Eric Quach
Camera – Roxanne de Konnick
Drone Camera – AITSO
Additional Cameras – AITSO, Jim Demos, Eric Quach
Video and Audio editing – Jim Demos and Eric Quach
Production Assistant – Ryan Rosler
Additional Gear – Dave Luciak
CD / Limited to 300 copies
Full coloured artwork / Six panel digisleeve / reverseboard print
24 page art booklet / offset print