MD 144 | DIGITAL | 05.04.2024



We are very happy to welcome Javier Lara from Mexico to our roster. On “Semillas” you will find yourself in a flow of warm sounds, somewhere between ambient, drone and shallow noise.

Each track was recorded in one take, without further editing, using only two analog synthesizers. The results are amazingly vital tracks with a smooth mesmerizing character.

“Semillas” is available as an exclusive bandcamp release, featuring a digital booklet. The booklet includes more pictures taken by Javier Lara and some more info about the tracks.


ABOUT THE ARTIST AND HIS WORK (Text by Enrique Arriaga):

A plant’s seed is a unit of reproduction that potentially contains the whole plant in a single grain, an embryonic state of its own totality. This multiplying quality is appreciated sonically in the album that Javier Lara planted live on a Sunday morning in the urban wood of a historical location in Mexico City, during a sound bath at the Meditatio Sonus series in the summer of 2022.

For this record Javier Lara primarily uses, as sowing tools, three modules from Make Noise, such as the alchemical Strega, the bi-paradigm 0-Coast and the tridimensional cartesian sequencer René, in order to harvest 6 tracks that deploy melodic shimmering sequences to set the ground of sound.

“Semillas” is also the result of Lara’s long-term musicianship and compositional mastery with modular synthesis techniques. The subtle elongated variations within pattern repetitions and the gritty yet caressing melodies that slowly gush out from the machines, evoke a natural atmosphere where the imaginary soundscape’s soil and its sprouts are fertilized aurally. And just like one seed can contain a full plant, any excerpt of sound contains the musical essence of the full album, providing the listener with a sense of totality.

01. Seminal
02. Sustrato
03. Greda
04. Linfa
05. Germen
06. Requiebro

Recorded live at Centro Cultural Los Pinos, Mexico City, on 26th June, 2022,
as a part of Meditatio Sonus series, curated by Marcela Armas and Arcángelo Constantini
Edition, mix and master by Javier Lara
Photos by Javier Lara
DIGITAL / exclusive bandcamp release
featuring digital booklet