MD 148 | DIGITAL | 07.04.2023



Chino Burga comes from Peru, a country well known for the andes and historical places like Machu Picchu. Before Chino got in contact with us, we never thought about how experimental music would sound like, if it comes from Peru. Now we know and we want to share that experience with you, cause “andean drone music” is awesome.

On „Geografías Geométricas Vol.1“ Chino Burga takes us on a journey through massive mountain landscapes by transforming his geographic impressions into psychedelic drone music.

„Geografías Geométricas Vol.1“ is the first of three albums, that we will release as free digital albums during 2023.

Lay back, turn on the music, loud or maybe a bit louder and let it unfold.


Chino Burga about the album concept:

I had a recurrent dream as a child. It was a pyramid with a tiny stream of water at the lower vertex, a humming (drone) and some whisperings sounds. And that’s it! As simple as that and as mysterious as it can be. Pyramids are common constructions around the world among old civilizations. Africa, Asia and America has them. All of them are a big scale burial or temples or places for astronomy studies. According with Joseph Campbell (writer of The Mythic Image, 1974) it’s with the appearance of the pyramidal constructions, that members of a new priestly class -highly specialized in observing the skies-, invented, around 3200 B.C., writing, mathematical notation and the rudiments of a science based on exact astronomical observation. They even realized the skies had a repetition cycle that can be useful for agriculture and for religion rituals.
With the pyramids, humankind was trying to copy or emulate older sacred places where all of these activities happened previously: Mountains. And there are many reasons for that: Mountains are closer to the sky, closer to the stars, or closer to heaven if you believe in it (it is said that Moses went up the Mountain to talk with God, as well as Mahoma talked with Jibraeel Angel at the cave in a Mountain). But to climb up a Mountain it always demands you a big effort, physically and mentally. It’s like a strength test, an initiation, the path of the hero if you will.

This album consists in 4 movements describing that ascension and the different stages that you will go through (geographic, physical and mentally). This album is the first of a 3 volume series that are meant to gaze Mountains, to observe silver clouds, to enjoy the silence; cause nowadays, with information overdose, immediate communication, where you must speak out your mind in the culture of the selfie, I think it’s almost a political statement. A revolutionary motto, to be in silence, to stand still and not to hurry or run. No Time. Just Space!

01 La Ascensión I
02 La Ascensión II
03 El Ascenso I
04 El Ascenso II

Chino Burga plays semi-hollow 68 Univox
Recorded and mixed at Charán, Sacred Valley, 2023
Art by IrA
Photo of Apu Pitusiray from Arin’s waterfall by IrA
Digital / exclusive available on Bandcamp