MD MMXIX | Digital | 31.12.2019



2019 was a very busy year for us and we like to say thank you for your support with a free digital compilation featuring original tracks and radio edits from all 2019 releases, plus some previously unreleased tracks and remixes.

We started the year with 5 releases featuring Aidan Baker, N, The Star Pillow, Scatterwound, Karen Willems, Tom Malmendier and thisquietarmy accompanying this year’s Moving Noises Festival. Most of those releases featured recordings from past Moving Noises sets, recorded at Christuskirche Bochum. Besides those recordings we released the last The Star Pillow album and “Doppellive” the first duo collaboration by Aidan Baker and N.

Tegh returned to Midira with a very unique 20minutes track, which got remixed by Siavash Amini and Zenjungle. It means a lot to us to support artists like Tegh, who comes from Iran, which means; no easy way, being an artist.

Releasing the debut albums by Véhicule and Alessio Dutto was a very special moment for us. Alessio Dutto named his album “Blurred Boundaries” focussing on border themes and by coincidence it happened that he and Véhicule live literally on the same mountain, just on two different sides in France and Italy.

After that we had the honour to work with øjeRum again and this time we tried to bring his collage artwork to a new level with a die cut cover. We are glad you liked it. By the way it´s almost sold out…

Being long-time fans of the british band Oceansize, we were happy to release “Half Death” by Richard A Ingram and Ekca Liena mastermind Daniel WJ Mackenzie. And yes, if you weren´t in the mood for this in July, just have a listen again, it works way better with winter moods, cause the sounds a very dark and melancholic. A brilliant work, not to be missed.

Another collaboration which we were very excited about, was “Nótt” by Gareth Davis and Duane Pitre. We met both musicians in person during our Moving Noises Festival activities and we are very happy to have them in our roster. “Nótt” is one of the most minimal folklore drone albums we released so far and it sounds different everytime you hear it. One of our favourites this year.

Our last three records are also a supplementation of our roster. Transtilla, Gri | Gutman | Mosconi and Open To The Sea came all together to join forces as duos and trios with three different results. Transtilla celebrate slowly rising epic drones, Gri | Gutman | Mosconi made a perfect blend of field recordings, guitar drones and electronic sounds and Open To The Sea surprised with a dozen of guest musicians and vocalists.

We also added some previously unreleased tracks to MMXIX: a new studio recording by Tegh named “Turmoil”, a mesmerizing remix of the track “Voilá lá” by Vehicule, a very intense live recording from this year’s Moving Noises Festival by The Star Pillow and a really majestic 25minutes drone reconstruction of øjeRum by N.

Feel free to download “MMXIX” for free. Spread the news. Tell your friends.

Have a nice end of year and a good start into 2020.


The Star Pillow – Bruno Martino is my Tom Araya 05:20

Aidan Baker & Karen Willems – Awel V 05:29

Gareth Davis & Duane Pitre – Nótt (Edit) 10:01

Alessio Dutto – Rift 08:06

Daniel W J Mackenzie & Richard A Ingram – Half Death 11:20

øjeRum – Anden Sjæl 05:05

Scatterwound – MN (Edit) 08:32

Tegh – Turmoil – previously unreleased 09:48

Aidan Baker & N – Doppellive (Hidden Track from the “230316 Wuppertal” Set) 10:59

thisquietarmy | Dirk Serries | Tom Malmendier – Hell (Edit) 11:08

Véhicule – Rites 05:17

Open To The Sea – Heavy Like Falling Leaf 06:26

Tegh – Unusual Path (Edit) 08:00

The Star Pillow – Sad Headbanger (Live @ Moving Noises Festival) – previously unreleased 04:44

Gri | Gutman | Mosconi – Maestrale 09:41

Véhicule x Tissika – Voilà là (Tissika Reconstruction) – previously unreleased 04:08

Transtilla – Achrome 14:10

øjeRum x N – Forste Sjæl (NMX) – previously unreleased 24:53