MD MMXX | FREE DOWNLOAD | 24.12.2020



Once again, we like to end up the year with a gift for you. We curated a collection of tracks, taken from all our releases that got out in 2020.

It was a heavy year for us. We got faced with a serious loss, we struggled with illness in the family, many things we loved changed or vanished and covid-19 made everything worse. There are two things that motivated us during this year: love and music. That may sound hyperbolic, but it´s the truth.

Talking about music, we kept Midira Records running, during all those hard times and lockdowns, cause we wanted to share music with you and we wanted to support our artists. During the first lockdown we realized quickly two tape releases for Hypnodrone Ensemble and Nadja, with the aim to spend all proceeds to the artists. That worked fine, thanks again to all, who supported us with this project.

The rest of the year wasn´t that effective for Midira Records. We had great plans to support the outstanding “Kesselhaus” release by thisquietarmy and we also wanted to do a lot more elaborate releases, but we had to play by the rules of the pandemic. Shipping restrictions and the missing possibility of fans to pay for music, made us slow down. We started releasing more free music on bandcamp, just to have something for you. Music helped us during the year, so we thought it would also help you.

The compilation features 163 minutes of music, taken from all 2020 releases. We added some radio edits, that we sent out to radio stations and we also added two previously unreleased edits to “MMXX”. The compilation closes with a previously unreleased remix by ASERET, who did an epic rework for Camilla Pisani.

We hope you enjoy this album. Download it, take your time to listen, dive into another world, tell your friends and let´s hope for better times in 2021.

Gregory A. Dugan – Slow
Fabio R. Lattuca – Layer #2
N (83) – Ostwall (MMXX Edit)(previously unreleased)
Camilla Pisani – Music Makes Victims
N + [ B O L T ] – 15 Amps (Radio Edit)
Jarmo Huhta – Boy In The Wood
thisquietarmy – Ultrablack
Nadja – SV (Moving Noises Version) (MMXX Edit) (previously unreleased)
Hypnodrone Ensemble – Enneun (Radio Edit)
The Star Pillow – My Dear Elohim (Moving Noises Version)
Véhicule – Mason & Hamelin (Live Paris)
Michele Marchiani – Delight In Mischief And Fabrication
Grandbruit – Voyage Au Bout De La Nuit
Grotta Veterano – Talbot Bells
Urban Eden – Project II
strom|morts – Corona Mass Ejection (Radio Edit)
WERL3 – Part Two (Radio Edit)
Camilla Pisani x ASERET – No Land Frequencies (ASERET Rework) (previously unreleased)