MMXXI features tracks from all 15 albums we released in 2021. We are very happy , that we had the chance to bring all those releases to you, supporting artists from all over the world.

TONUS x A-Sun Amissa | A documentation of a very special moment, when Dirk Serries and Martina Verhoeven played an acoustic drone set on accordion and concertina. Remixed by A-Sun Amissa.
ASERET | Epical ambient soundscapes unfolding a warm embracing energy. Dark and bright at the same time.
Whisper Room | After a long pause, Whisper Room returned in 2021 with the very dynamic “Lunokhod”. This album is maybe the most forward pushing album, we released, so far.
Corrado Maria de Santis | That album was born in the first year of covid and it has a very dark energy, that gives you the creeps. We love it.
Stratosphere | Long time in the making, we finally released “Collaborations II” an album, that features some excellent collaborations, includig appearances by N, Aidan Baker, Dirk Serries and more.
Ringhof | One of our favourite releases comes from swiss artist Ringhof. That album is heartwarming for us. As the tapes are almost sold out, we are not the only ones who love this album.
Otto Lindholm & Jean D.L. | “Apophenia” is the result of nightly studio sessions. Dark and rough. Let´s call it heavy ambient.
Alberto Lucendo | The only vinyl release, we could manage this year, was a thriller. We waited so long to receive it, but the final product looks amazing. By the way, the album is in the Top10 of MOJO´s best soundtracks of 2021. Feels good to be part of a list featuring Tim Hecker and Clint Mansell.
Yodok & Massimo Pupillo | When Tomas from Yodok asked us if we are interested in releasing an album Yodok recorded with the Zu bassplayer Massimo Pupillo, we were like “wow, how will that sound”?”. The answer is easy: Like something you did not hear before. “V” is a one hour beast of ambient drone heavy jazz or whatever this is. Amazing
Scatterwound x Duane Pitre | We also continued our Scatterwound live releases series, but this time we asked Dirk Serries and N to expand the sound experience by doing a remix of the live footage. Finally, Duane Pitre did an epic ambient rework of “Merksem” and it feels like a warm breeze. Merksem and its Rework are both an overwhelming sound journey. The tape is sold out, but you still can grab the digital version.
Sogahukau | Why making music out of air con sounds? Because it sounds great and we thought this album is the best way to say goodbye to the summer.
Wyness|Ristevsk | This brilliant collaboration merges guitar and electronic sounds in a very gentle way. Worth listening too, while it´s getting dark outside.
Aron Stadler | An album like a massive floating wave, including epic tracks, building up soundwalls of noise and drone sounds.
thisquietarmy x N | This album is based on guitar and drum stems of a track. Instead of releasing the track on their upcoming double album, thisquietamy and N sent the stems to friends and Midira family members. All deconstructions and reconstructions built the album called “Zerstoeren” (german for “destroy”).
Nahal Kavand | Last album of the year, is a very special debut release. Based in Iran, Nahal Kavand creates very filigree tracks based on field recording and electronic sounds. This is the only 2021 album by a female Midira artist. We need more female artists, where are you?

Download the album for free, listen and enjoy over 2 hours of ambient, drone, noise and experimental music.

TONUS x A​-​Sun Amissa – Modulation Grid II (Deconstruction by A​​-​​Sun Amissa) (Edit) 10:07
ASERET – Consciousness Of Undefined (Edit) 11:21
Whisper Room – Lunokhod06 10:25
Corrado Maria de Santis – Ashes And Cinders 18:24
Stratosphere | Dirk Serries | Tom Malmendier – Through Chaos, Cohesion Is Found 14:24
Ringhof – Ballad For Heavy Lids I+II (Tape Version) 19:25
Otto Lindholm & Jean D.L. – Apophenia I 04:43
Alberto Lucendo – Baikal 05:09
Yodok & Massimo Pupillo – V (Edit) 11:50
Scatterwound x Duane Pitre – Merksem (Duane Pitre Rework Edit) 08:35
Sogahukau – From The Ceiling 08:58
Wyness|Ristevski – Trappist 1d 16:59
Aron Stadler – Rivers Of Frequency 18:55
thisquietarmy x N – Zerstoeren (Deconstructed And Reconstructed By Thisquietarmy & Aidan Baker) 05:10
Nahal Kavand – Moods Of Magnificence 04:40