What a year? After two years of pandemic chaos, we thought it will be better in 2022, but it got worse.

On the economic side, all the previous problems around raw materials for physical record releases still exist, meaning delays and high costs. Ordering something at the pressing plant means to make far-sighted plans, more clear: spending a lot of money and waiting a long time before releasing records, without knowing if we get some money back from record sales. And it is sad but comprehensible, that our sales in 2022 were not good.

On the humanitarian side, this year was a shock. War in Ukraine and however you want to call the crimes in Iran left us speechless. But we were not deedless about it, so we curated “Cohesion” and with your help we were able to donate 2000€ to help the people of Ukraine. And about Iran, we are very proud to have so many awesome artists from Iran in our family, like Tegh, Nahal Kavand, Shabnam Parvaresh from Unland and Porya Hatami, who recorded “La Commune” with Monologue, picking out the Revolution as main theme, months before the new Revolution started. So we are very proud to be able to release this album during those troubled times. This is our way to support the protests.

On the musical side, nothing could stop us releasing more music. We are very happy that we could expand our family all over the world, like Paraguay (Lee Yi), Australia (Panoptique Electrical), Mexico (Jesus A. Vergara) and Israel (Dunam) to name a few. But we could also manage to do some personally important records by long time family members Nadja, Aidan Baker, N and thisquietarmy.

So here we go with the positive aspects of 2022, presenting you 19 tracks from every release we brought to you during this year.

1.Panoptique Electrical – Hope 07:28
2.Peristalith – Dusk 09:01
3.Luminance Ratio – Uncanny Valley 11:48
4.Lee Yi – Air Turbulences 07:42
5.Agate Rollings – 0.35 AM 06:09
6.Nadja – Funkspiel I 08:25
7.Dunam – Zerem 06:52
8.Korda – Fruktan Och Bävan 09:41
9.Galati – Immerged 06:26
10.Corrado Maria de Santis – Standing Under Storms 09:45
11.Aidan Baker – Radioplay I 10:47
12.Houses Of Worship (thisqietarmy x Hellenica) – Pointe-Aux-Trembles Drones 05:31
13.Tegh – Can´t Live Together Can´t Live Apart 05:21
14.Jesus A. Vergara – Altaer 13:28
15.Demetrio Cecchitelli – Impeto 1 14:18
16.thisquietarmy x N – Zerfallen Eins 11:21
17.Peristalith – Vertigo 15:40
18.OLO – Nocturne (Radio Edit) 08:48
19.Porya Hatami & Monologue – La Commune (Radio Edit) 11:29