MD 017 | CD / CD+BOOK | Digital | 15.12.2014



Blue Dusk /// Red Dawn is the new album by ukrainian artist Monocube. You can expect a dense massive voyage through soundlandscapes, made by guitar, field recordings and alienated vocals, moving slightly between ambient and drone.

The album is about 39 minutes long, but the tracks give you a feeling of endless moving sounds. The soundscapes are very raw, blurred and distorted at the same time, what makes them sounding warm and catchy even if there is no straight structure. Asking Monocube about the intention of the album, he explains that the idea behind the tracks is based on “private associations, memories, atmospheres, vibes of beloved cities, vibe of the night, twilight and dawn times, feelings, emotions…”.

“Blue Dusk /// Red Dawn” is part of an concept by Monocube, consisting by the album and a photobook concentrating on the syzygy between people and nature. The intention behind this work is about human reflections in nature, architecture, music and art. The album is the soundtrack for the book and the book illustrates the music.

The book “SYZYGY” is a cooperation between Monocube and THE PMAM and comes in a hardcover plus dusk cover jacket. 100 pages with colour and black&white photographies.

01. Blue Dusk / 02. The Sun That Never Was / 03. Red Dawn / 04. Sea Salt

Book by Monocube and THE PMAM
CD / Limited to 190 copies / CD + BOOK bundle / Limited to 10 copies
Hardcover plus dusk cover jacket / 100 pages with colour and black&white photographies