N (45) + [ B O L T ] 1

MD 033 | Lathe Cut | CD-R  | 12.08.2016

N (45) + `{` B O L T `}`

After their two unnamed full length albums known under the moniker of „dead rabbit“ and „dead squirrel” N + [ B O L T ] now return with their new unnamed Lathe Cut / CD EP which we lovingly call “dead mouse”.

The record contains one track by N on side A and one by [ B O L T ] on side B. So, is it a split? Well, YES if you just listen to the lathe cut tracks and NO if you look at the whole concept:

N + [ B O L T ] recorded two blackmetallish drone tracks with the same length, intended to be played simultaneously. To experience the maximum listening pleasure, you have to listen to the lathe cut and to the CD at once and at this point it´s not a split but a surround sound collaboration.

For those of you, who do not have the chance to listen to both tracks simultaneously, we added a mix of both tracks as a bonus track on the CD. But trust us, it´s not the same experience.

The record comes as a wonderful all ultra clear (no labels) 7inch lathe cut, limited to 30 copies, cutted by Peter King (NZ), housed in a heavy sleeve made of 400g chromoduplex grey/white cardboard, printed inside out and handfolded by the band. Additional to this, the package contains a full colour printed CD-R with the tracks in a different mastered version plus a mix of both tracks as a bonus track.

Please note: Lathe cuts do not have the same sound like vinyl records and need to be cleaned carefully to get the best sound results. We cannot give you a guarantee that you will not hear any scratching noises. But that´s the fascinating thing about records made by cutting the music into a piece of plastic. Anyway, we love the sound of N + [ B O L T ] via a lathe cut record and the result sounds amazing.

And just to share our experience with this record, here are nine different ways to listen to it:

N “5.23” 33rpm lathe version
[ B O L T ] “5.23” 33rpm lathe version
N “5.23” 45rpm lathe version
[ B O L T ] “5.23” 45rpm lathe version
N “5.23” CD version
[ B O L T ] CD version
N + [ B O L T ] CD version
N + [ B O L T ] CD version + N lathe version
N + [ B O L T ] CD version + [ B O L T ] lathe version

There is no hint on the lathe cut about side A/B or 33/45 rpm. Experience it for yourself.

Cut by Peter King
Lathe cut 7″ / Limited to 30 copies / Ultra clear vinyl /
400g chromoduplex grey-white cardboard sleeve / Full colour printed CD-R