N (83) - OSTWALL 1

MD 094 | TAPE | 28.02.2020

N (83)


“Ostwall” is the first of multiple N related releases that will come out this year on Midira Records. This album is not a regular album and doesn´t feature regular tracks.

So then, what is it? Well, originally we wanted to release this piece as a hidden track in the “Fahrn” Box, which came out a year ago, but then we thought it needs a special treatment, because it is a special recording. Normally we don´t like to tell you long stories about releases, cause the music is the most important thing, but in this case, the story is part of the music.

All started with a live show in a museum in Dortmund, where N played a collaboration set in the main hall of the building. Imagine a big square hall with a very high ceiling surrounded by balconies and exhibition rooms. After the set, the audience had the chance to move through the museum and N decided to build a minimal loop as a background soundtrack. Gladly we had a recorder with us and started taping that loop next to the amps. The result is a mix of a massive slowly changing drone loop with field recordings capturing the talking, drinking and walking audience of the museum.

“Ostwall” is only available on tape. The tape is limited to 50 copies with artwork by N. The o-card sleeve comes with a coloured cover artwork and the white tapes feature onbody prints including the credits of the release.

A/B Ostwall 25:26

all guitar sounds by N
recorded by Dimi Kaitsis
mastered by N
Tape / Limited to 50 copies
full coloured artwork / o-card sleeve / flat white tape shell