N(59) – FAHRN 1

MD 050 | 7XTAPE | 20.12.2018



It´s been a while since a friend told us about a musician who is playing great heavy drones with his guitar. It was like “you should check out his show, he sounds great”. That´s what we did. We visited a show and it was overwhelming. Not only his music, but also talking to him after the show. This was also the beginning of a great friendship with Hellmut Neidhardt aka N and the start of an ongoing live experience. So it was a nice idea to celebrate this circumstance with a very special live document: N (59) Fahrn, a boxset with 7 tapes featuring 14 live sets and 507 minutes of music.

“Fahrn” features shows from 2009 – 2017. Every tape side is one show handpicked and mixed by the artist. All tapes are housed in o-cards, featuring pictures from all 14 shows. In those 507 minutes you will find 22 tracks, 10 of them are previously unreleased and 2 are pre-versions of later released studio recordings.

If you listen to the vinyl records by N, it´s always a great feeling, but it´s nothing compared to the intensity of the live shows. The tapes try to capture this live feeling, so no extra mastering was made after the final mixes by N. Just play it loud and you will get that magic raw moments of those live sets, moving from quiet ambient landscapes to loud and distorted drone and noise walls.

All the tapes are clean white with flat shells featuring onbody prints, housed in black and white o-cards. Bringing the o-cards into the right chronological order, you can see a big black N logo on the one side of the spine and on the other side, all the credits of the release appear in the right order. The box is made of thick white 800g cardboard and has a handstamped N logo (stamped by N) on the top and is also stampnumbered on the bottom (01/25 – 25/25). All boxes come with a download code for all 14 live shows.


Tape 1
Essen / Zollverein I: Zollverein / 35 59
Essen / Zollverein II: Wiek, Blauort, Prora-Stadt / 40 35
Tape 2
Bochum / FKT: Rote Fuhr / 24 17
Duisburg / Djaezz: Baerl / 23 12
Tape 3
Koblenz / Jam Club: Oie Kirr, Wehle, Suedfall / 63 50
Essen / Steinhaus: SH-1, Rote Fuhr, SH-2 / 53 47
Tape 4
Wuppertal / Galerie Groelle: Arrenberg / 29 54
Antwerp / Het Bos: Oie Kirr (dead pog version) / 28 05
Tape 5
Muenster / Cuba: Albachten / 43 21
Bielefeld / Uebersehcontainer: Baerl, Suedfall / 29 21
Tape 6
Essen / Emokeller: Ek-Rue, Prora-Stadt / 38 56
Dortmund / Sissikingkong: Deusen / 35 30
Tape 7
Gent / Kinkystar: Gent / 29 58
Duisburg / Topperhouse: Ruhrort / 30 12

Music, mix and mastering by N
7 TAPES / Limited edition of 25 copies
Clean white tapes / Flat shells featuring housed in black and white o-cards
Box made of thick white 800g cardboard / Download code