MD 096 | TAPE | 04.04.2020



Some years ago we released “Bungled & Botched (Moving Noises Version)” by Nadja, a tape featuring the album as played at Christuskirche Bochum at the Moving Noises Festival. Now another full album performance is available on tape.

“SV (Moving Noises Version)” features a live version of this 45minutes drone-doom-monolith, performed at Christuskirche Bochum. Originally released via Essence Music featuring a stunning collage artwork by Seldon Hunt, this one track album got immediately one of our favorite releases. Nadja played the album as last performance of the Moving Noises Festival at Christuskirche Bochum and it was an amazing experience to get catched by this slowly growing and mesmerizing track. After the set it felt like just getting started with the festival, but in reality it was the closure of a very long festival day.

The tape comes in two different editions with maltese cross folded sleeves. The cover artwork features a variation of the original artwork by Seldon Hunt unfolded over the whole sleeve. The credits are printed on the inside of the sleeve.

The tapes come in two colour ways with two different onbody designs:

Variation one comes in an edition of 50 copies with pink transparent tape shells without windows. Side A comes with an individual onbody print adapted from the original artwork.

Variation two comes also in an edition of 50 copies featuring recycled pink tapes, also with an individual onbody print on Side A.

The digital version of the album comes with a bonus track and features the encore track “Flowers of Flesh” from the same set played at Christuskirche Bochum.

Midira vs Corona

The original plan was to have those tapes ready for the upcoming live shows of Nadja, to have something new at the merch table. But the situation turned very impulsive so we had to act impulsive, too: All proceeds of the tape sales will go to the band and we will just cover our expenses. Plus all digital sales of the album will go directly to Leah & Aidan. If you have some money to spend, please support this release, it will help. It will also help if you share the news about the new tape. Thanks anyway for your support in this strange times.

Tape (Side A|B)
SV (Moving Noises Version) 44:28

SV (Moving Noises Version) 44:28
Flowers of Flesh 13:12

Aidan Baker (guitar)
Leah Buckareff (bass)
Tape / limited to 100 copies
Maltese Cross Folded Sleeve with all-over print
printed credits on the inside of the sleeve
50 copies on transparent pink tapes with idividual onbody print
50 copies on recycled pink tapes with idividual onbody print