MD 027 | CD | Digital | 05.08.2016



The Athenian musician Nikos Fokas comes from a country that is known for sunny beaches and ancient temples, but his heart beats more for cold and wet places. Krassin, the first russian icebreaker, as a symbol for his musical journey, brings you to this places far beyond your imagination.

The Eternal Creak of the Icebreaker is the most ambitious release in our roster, bringing different kind of styles and musicians together into an experimental story of music composed around a dream of the greek experimental musician Nikos Fokas. The album contains 10 tracks including over 70minutes of ambient sounds graced with some very jazzy moments and haunting guest vocals.

While Fokas started the recordings for his album, he dreamed of being at the bottom of a dark sea, covered with ice. The only thing that was interrupting the illuminated stillness was the creak of a icebreaker. The 10 tracks of the album correspond to the ten spheres of the Tree of Life as the voyage of Krassin the icebreaker is a symbolic gradual passage from one sphere to the other. And that is exactly what you can hear on the album: Illuminated stillness with creaking sounds and some jazz moments like the unique “folly land” or “Krassin” surprising with female vocals, that puts you out of the dark silent sea of minimal ambient sounds.

The artwork corresponds to the dream of Fokas featuring the Cabalistic tree as an allegoric light, like that of an icebreaker, creaking through the ice of a dark sea.

The album comes as a 4panel digisleeve CD with matt finish, including a full coloured inlay with all credits and lyrics.

01. Krassin / 02. HGA (Mental Radio) / 03. Folly Land / 04. Mutus Liber / 05. The Red Tent / 06. Barrents Sea
07. Happy Hour At Tritonia Lounge  / 08. Caput Draconis / 09. Salt Of Crucifixion / 10. Krassin Reprise

Music by Nikos Fokas
CD / Limited to 200 copies / Four panel digisleeve
Full coloured inlay / Matt finish