MD 003 | CD | 04.03.2013



Sometimes people visit places that are so impressive, that they start taking a lot of pictures and when they move back home, they decide to make a photoalbum. ninemiles did not focus on taking pictures. After he moved back from his journey to the island called Grímsey, he started writing songs.

“Grímsey” is the debut album of ninemiles that emerged from the idea to form the reminiscence of the icelandic island to sounds. The album consists of nine tracks that move between ambient, classic piano melodies, synthiedrones and experimental moments. In one moment you feel secure while listening to melancholic melodies, in the next moment you got covered by dark drones. Day & night, sea & land, good & bad converse on this breathtaking record.

ninemiles is the soloproject of Thomas who is one part of the Bass-Drone-Duo [BOLT]. On “Grímsey” he moves away from the massive sounds of his bassguitar and focusses on sophisticated scopes of electronic music.

Grímsey will be released in a limited edition of 200 CDs housed in Digipacks (450g cardboard) with stunning snapshots from the island Grímsey. First 30 orders will get a special booklet with additional photographies, selected by the artist.

01. Coastline / 02. Branch / 03. Superficies / 04. 0103 / 05. Birch-Pioneer / 06. F
07. Papers / 08. Soffit / 09. Non-Cloud

Music by Thomas
Mixing by Jan
Mastering by Chris
CD / Limited to 200 copies / Digipacks (450g cardboard)
Special booklet with additional photographies (first 30 orders only)