open to the sea
another yar is over

MD 080 | CD | 13.12.2019



Open To The Sea is the collaboration project of Matteo Uggeri and Enrico Coniglio and “Another Year Is Over, Let´s Wait For Springtime” is their second album. While Coniglio focusses on guitar, synths and other instruments, Uggeri adds samples and field recordings to create a soundcosmos full of tiny melodies and themes with appereance by some guest musicians on drums, trumpet and cello. That would make a perfect experimental ambient album with jazzy moments, but Uggeri & Coniglio push this release further by adding some vocals to most of the tracks by inviting guest singers like Dominic Appleton (This Mortal Coil) or Lau Nau from Finland.

The album features artwork by Graham Crowley and got mastered by James Plotkin.

“Another Year Is Over, Let´s Wait For Springtime” comes in an edition of 200 copies, housed in a full coloured digisleeve featuring an 8page booklet including more art by Graham Crowley, lyrics and credits.

01.Heavy Like Falling Leaf (vocals by Lau Nau)
02.Particles Pt1(voclas by Romina Kalsi/Animor)
03.Uninvited Ghost (spoken words by John Guilor)
04.Duduk Confessions
05.Tapes and Cows Pt1
06.Tapes and Cows Pt2
07.Particles Pt2 (voclas by Romina Kalsi/Animor)
08.Crystal Dog Barks (vocals by Yan Jun)
09.Facing The Waves (vocals by Dominic Appleton)
10.Another Year Is Over, Let´s Wait For Springtime (vocals by Gaia Margutti)

All sounds by Open to the sea
Artwork by Graham Crowley
Mastered by James Plotkin
CD / Limited to 200 copies
Full coloured digisleeve / Eight page booklet