MD 014 | CD | Digital | 30.06.2014



Piiptsjilling is a quartet consisting of Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek), Mariska Baars (Soccer Committee) and Romke & Jan Kleefstra (The Alvaret Ensemble). Their new album “Moarntiids” features four epic tracks, which were born out of an improvisational session. The sound is very mystical crawling between surreal sounding landscapes made by guitars, field recordings and electronics. The whole mystical impression gets its highlight when Jan Kleefstra joins with his spoken word lyrics. His calm voice talks in a nearly dead language: Frysian from the north of the Netherlands. Sounding like a language that got spoken backwards, somehow, fitting very nice into the soundscapes of the other musicians. And there are also some special moments where you can hear the handsome voice of Mariska, completing the soundimpression of Piiptsjilling.

01. Flinter Djippe See / 02. Kobbeswerk / 03. Slykklauwers / 04. Sûnder Wyn Nea Itselde

Rutger Zuydervelt
Mariska Baars
Romke & Jan Kleefstra
Artworks by Mariska Baars
CD / Limited to 200 copies / Four panel digisleeve