MD 062 | CD | Digital | 23.11.2018



As you might have noticed our family is growing including many Italian artist and we are very happy to present you SARRAM alias Valerio Marras from Sardinia.

Four Movements Of A Shade is the second solo album by SARRAM. It features four haunting tracks, that move through different genres like doom, drone, ambient and somehow minimal post-rock, played with just a guitar and some synths. The idea behind that album was to go to the studio without having tracks: just an idea and the mood SARRAM had in mind to play an improvisational session. The result was recorded in one day at Blacktooth Studio by Nicola Olla and it turned out as a very dark and intense soundjourney. You can feel the temper of the recording session by listening to the four tracks of this record.

SARRAM recommends very loud volume for listening and yes we do that, too. The mastering by James Plotkin brings out all the details of the tracks, like maximum crackling of loud distorted parts but also the very quiet whispering of the guitar strings.

If you like artists like Sunn O))), Aidan Baker, N and Barn Owl, you will love this record.

“Four Movements Of A Shade” comes in edition of 200 copies housed in a black 4 panel sleeve with stunning black and white graphic artwork by Claudio Spanu.

01. I / 02. II 03. III / 04. IV

Music by Valerio Marras
Artwork by Claudio Spanu
Mastering by James Plotkin
CD / Limited to 200 copies
Black artwork / Four panel digisleeve / Matte finish