MD 007 | CD | Digital | 23.07.2013



Speaking Of Trees is a project by Rene Sitte (Mountain Witch) and Sebastian Maiwald (Kodiak). Both musicians played guitar in two heavy sounding german instrumental bands and it was just a matter of time they would meet each other.

After their bands split up (Mountain Witch is active again) they came together to record some tracks using their guitars. The result is a massive journey through guitarsoundscapes, that is not compareable to what they did with Mountain Witch and Kodiak. The sound is a mixture of ambient, drone, doom and black metal. Nothing but pure guitar impact. A raw mass of stringsounds. Music for fans of Earth, Nadja and all kinds of minimal guitar compositions.

Speaking Of Trees’ intention was to record some tracks that would sound good on a tape: The impressive result can be heared on the self titled fluo green tape with artwork printed on grey cardboard.

01. I / 02. II / 03. III / 04. IV / 05. V / 06. VI / 07. VII

All tracks written by Rene Sitte & Sebastian Maiwald
TAPE / Limited to 50 handnumbered copies / Download code