MD 086 | 2xCD | 11.09.2020



With a little covid-19 delay, we are happy to introduce you to a new family member from Switzerland: strom|morts.

“Massive alpine electronic dark drones & wise gloom by swiss post-metal veterans from Knut and Abraham” that´s how strom|morts introduce themselves, nailing the substance of this collaboration. strom|morts are based in Conthey (Switzerland), a place surrounded by massive alpine mountains. Maybe that´s why the dronesound of the band builds also big massive dronewalls – or better – dronemountains.

“Coronal Mass” features two monumental tracks, each pressed on one CD. The massive drones evolve slowly but constant. You can feel the heavy weight they carry, like an avalanche. You can feel the post-metal spirit, by listening to those minimal but heavy crawling dronetracks.

strom|morts focus on different aspects of art such as cinema, literature, comics, painting, artistic performances and collaborations. Even their artworks follow a clear but obscure direction. The “Coronal Mass” artwork features paintings by swiss artist Helge Reumann, which can be understood as a symbiosis between the sounds and the visuals.

“Coronal Mass” comes in an edition of 200 copies, housed in a 6panel gatefold sleeve featuring a reverseboard print. The CDs are semi-transparent and printed on the 3inch core.

Please note: We were working on this project since end of 2019. The album title “Coronal Mass” has nothing to do with the current pandemic crisis.


Coronal Mass Ejection
Coronal Mass Injection

Olivier Hähnel (analog synthesizers)
Didier Séverin (modular synthesizer)
Mathieu Jallut (guitar)
Helge Reumann (artwork)
2xCD / Limited to 200 copies
transparent CDs with partial onbody print
full coloured artwork / six panel digisleeve / matte finish