MD 016 | CD | Digital | 03.04.2015



Back in 2013 we´ve got in contact with a band which gave us some tracks recorded by Mell Dettmer (known for her work with Sunn O))), Eyvind Kang, Asva and so on). We did listen to the tracks and we were overpowered by emotions, that only minimal drone music can wake. Hard to describe, something between giving you the creeps and the feeling you have when you drink a good espresso.

The band we are talking about is Tecumseh. They previously released albums via Important Records and Beta Lactam Ring Records (to name a few) and now we are giving Tecumseh a home in Europe.

Nearly two years later, the tracks were mastered by James Plotkin and we are very happy to announce the album called “Seven”. The sound of Tecumseh is diffident and impressive at once. Minimal input with maximum sum. E-bowed guitars and simmering bass strings in a perfect blend. Imagine a Chimera of Earth and Sunn O))) with an introverted approach, that makes the music sound very intimately.

The technically results by Mell Dettmers recording and James Plotkins mastering are worth the waiting.

01. Angels / 02. The Crowning / 03. Through Fire / 04. Leech / 05. Lacal – When We Loved (Part II)

Recorded by Mell Dettmer
Mastered by James Plotkin
CD / Limited to 200 copies
Four panel digisleeve on thick cardboard / Matte finish