MD 045 | LP | 31.05.2019



After releasing “Downfall” Shahin Entezami aka Tegh returns with Unusual Path.

“Unusual Path” is a nearly 20minutes long track, that builds up slowly, layer by layer, sound by sound. It´s electronic music with a very warm analogue feeling, that constitutes the sound of Tegh. Pliable noises and piercing drones create an epic soundstory, complemented by field recordings.

Tegh focusses on just one track, to tell a story about an “Unusual Path” and the listener is invited to create her/his own story.

Remixes by Siavash Amini (Iran) and Zenjungle (Greece). Amini and Entezami are also a part of the Iranian experimental music scene “SET”, that gives artists a chance to present their music in Tehran.

The remixes create a very own aura: Amini stripped down the track to a minimal ambient track with a twist and Zenjungle transformed the track into a dark jazz drone.
“Unusual Path” got mastered for vinyl by Antonio Gallucci (Architeuthis Rex).

Side A: 01. Unusual Path

Side B: 01. Unusual Path (Siavash Amini Remix) / 02. Unusual Path (Zenjungle Remix)

Music by Shahin Entezami
Remixes by Siavash Amini and Zenjungle
Mastering by Antonio Gallucci
LP / Limited to 100 copies
Transparent blue vinyl housed in a thick reverseprinted sleeve