MD 013 | TAPE | Digital | 27.09.2014



Time to look back to last years Moving Noises Festival, where thisquietarmy played a set, specially adapted for the particular venue at Christuskirche Bochum.

Eric Quach aka thisquietarmy played an almost improvisational set of dense warm drones without any use of drum machine sounds. Just his guitar and an armada of effects. The result is an impressive wall of sound with a neverending seething of drones.

The album title is just the simple transcription of the ambience. One man standing in front of a church altar playing drones.

Now you have the chance to bring this ambience to your living room, listening to the recording of the church set, immortalized on a military grey tape, housed in a black fold-out-cross-cover with a diecut-cross-artwork.

01. altar of drone I / 02. altar of drone II / 03. altar of drone III / 04. altar of drone IV

Recorded live in a church
TAPE / Limited to 99 copies / Handmade covers
Military grey tape / Housed in a black fold-out-cross-cover with a diecut-cross-artwork