MD 091 | VINYL+CD | 17.04.2020



After the highly acclaimed album “Democracy of Dust” and the anniversary double CD reissue of his debut album “Unconquered”, thisquietarmy returns to Midira with his new solo album “Kesselhaus”.

“Kesselhaus” is somehow a concept album, featuring tracks that got recorded during 2019, inspired by several Berlin visits in the last 10 years. Eric Quach travelled a lot of times to Berlin for various professional and personal reasons. Visiting small noise shows, famous techno clubs, exploring historic and abandoned spaces and seeing how a city transforms itself every time he came back, were the reason why this album became what it is now: a massive loud noise-drone album with techno and black metal elements.

One of the most present influences is the venue at Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge in Lichtenberg, where thisquietarmy played twice. The industrial surrounding isn´t just featured on the artwork, it also influenced the sound of the album.

The album features eight tracks, splitted on three formats. 6 tracks are pressed on vinyl, “Spätkauf Crawl” is just available as download and the epic 35minutes long “Another Nail in the Coffin of the Corpse of a Free City” is featured as standalone track on CD, that comes with every vinyl.

If you are used to thisquietarmy you might expect a signature sound, but after putting the needle on the vinyl, you will hear something completely new. You will need some time to figure out, that there is still a typical thisquietarmy sound, but during that sound journey you will discover a lot more influences.

“Kesselhaus” will be released in an edition of 250 copies with reverseboard printed gatefold artwork designed by Eric Quach. 150 copies will come on black vinyl and 100 copies will appear on clear transparent vinyl. Every vinyl comes with a CD and a download code. All sounds got mastered for vinyl and digital listening by James Plotkin.

UPDATE (06.05.2020):

The vinyls arrived from the pressing plant and we started packing and shipping all preorders, except those to the USA (shipping goods to USA is currently not possible and we have to wait until it´s allowed again).

Kraftwerk 7:58
Severance 6:32
Ultrablack 9:05
Purlieu 5:47
Fleisch 8:11
Spätkauf Crawl 2:33*
Cult Of Culture 9:31
Another Nail in the Coffin of the Corpse of a Free City 35:50**

*only digital track
**only available on vinyl companion CD

all sounds and visuals by Eric Quach
mastered by James Plotkin
Vinyl + CD / 100 clear transparent copies | 150 black copies
reverseboard printed gatefold vinyl sleeve with CD in printed wallet