MD 073 | CD | 13.12.2019



Transtilla is Anne-Chris Bakker and Romke Kleefstra, who’ve already worked together in the trio Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra. After releasing the highly acclaimed trio album “Dize” (MD 032) with spoken words by Jan Kleefstra, we added a hidden instrumental track at the end of the album, which got mastered by accident, but it sounded too good to be abandoned from “Dize”.  Looking back to this, it appears to be the birth of Transtilla.

Transtilla II is the culmination of floating drones, squeezing ambient noises and calm soundscapes with a violent melancholic aura, always moving slowly to a climax that crawls through the speakers like lava.

The album comes in an edition of 200 copies. Housed in a 4panel digisleeve with matte finish.

01. Achrome
02. Askvoll
03. Assemblage 2008
04. Valavond aan Concourslaan

All sounds by Transtilla
Mastered by Antonio Gallucci
CD / Limited to 200 copies
Full coloured artwork / Four panel digisleeve / Matte finish