MD 021 | CD | Digital | 04.01.2015



The next Moving Noises Festival will take place on 21. February 2015. For this reason we curated this nice digital release for you. Every artist of the festival roster contributed a previously unreleased track or a new live version of a track. The result is a 77minutes long compilation with a massive range of experimental sounds. Drone, Ambient, Synthiedrone, Horror-Surf-Rock, Spoken Words, Electronics, Doom, Noise, Modern Classic…

01. Dirk Serries – Microphonics XXVI Deconstruction Faith / 02. RM 74 – Let Go Of The Earth
03. Piiptsjilling – Rein / 04. Mohammad – Vildblomma (Live) / 05. Silver Graves – Urquell
06. Tape Measure Kid – Fissure (Live) / 07. Nadja – Icelight (Live) / 08. Machinefabriek – Op

Previously unreleased tracks and live versions by all artists of the Moving Noises roster 2015
Artwork by Katharina Woltering
Please read individual information and credits on the single tracks here