MD 105 | CD | 26.02.2021



The Electro Ambient Space Rock trio Whisper Room explores the conjunction of electronic rhythms and textures and the pulsations and psychedelics of shoegaze and krautrock. That´s how Whisper Room describe their versatile music and it fits very well.

On “Lunokhod” (named after a series of soviet robotic lunar rovers from the 70s) Whisper Room are taking off for an extended journey full of different sound explorations. The album starts with catchy beats and melodies and transforms from track to track into more experimental themes, mostly bonded by tribal and rhythmic drums, like a hypnotic krautrock mantra. The album surprisingly ends with a minimal drone piece. Maybe the allegorical landing on the moon after a thrilling journey through space? Well, have a listen and find out for yourself. If you like ambient and psychedelic rock, you surely will love this album.

Whisper Room about the album
Unlike Whisper Room’s previous releases (but like many a 2020 album), Lunokhod was recorded remotely, sharing files between Toronto and Berlin. For a group which normally relies on the give and take of playing in person, this was a new way of working for the project. The album started with Aidan’s guitar, moving through ambient and rhythmic passages, over which Jakob recorded his drum parts – along with some percussion from another collaborator of his, Robin Buckley, then Neil his bass and synth parts. The recordings were then sent to sound designer Scott Deathe / Sound Isles for additional pedal processing. For live shows, we often have our sound engineer doing live pedal processing, so this last step felt important to give the recordings a new vibrancy and emotion reflective of what the band’s live performance might sound like.

Lunokhod01 5:29
Lunokhod02 6:49
Lunokhod03 8:50
Lunokhod04 7:14
Lunokhod05 9:39
Lunokhod06 10:25
Lunokhod07 10:01

Aidan Baker (guitar/effects)
Jakob Thiesen (drums/electronics)
Neil Wiernik (bass/electronics)
Robin Buckley (percussion)
Scott Deathe (pedal processing/treatments)
CD / Limited to 220 copies
Full coloured artwork / four panel digisleeve / Matte finish