The Star Pillow alias Paolo Monti returns to Midira Records, after his highly acclaimed album “Invisible Summer” back in 2016 and the collaboration with Giulio Aldinucci “Hidden” back in 2018. This time The Star Pillow returns with a very personal album called “Music for Sad Headbangers”. It may sound a little funny as title, but it´s a serious album gathering the most intimate tracks of his career.

The album doesn´t focus on one stylistic element, it assembles a variety of tracks, that show the different aspects of the artist, moving from ambient, drone, experimental to post-rock sounds, mostly within one track. All in all it is a homogeneous and warm album, that takes you on a diversified sound journey.

“Music for Sad Headbangers” also marks the hiatus of The Star Pillow. This is the last album under this moniker.

Bruno Martino is my Tom Araya
Circle of Events
Moving Grey
Quiet Cooper we’ll not die today
Sad Headbange

The album comes in a 4panel digisleeve with black and white artwork in a beautiful matte finish. Limited to 200 copies.

Mastered by Antonio Gallucci.

“Music for Sad Headbangers” will be released 15.03.2019. Preorder starts 08.02.2019 | 20:00 german time.




Scatterwound is Dirk Serries & N. After recording two tracks, both musicians lost sight of this project until the last Moving Noises Festival back in 2017. We released those tracks as a limited tape and Scatterwound made their debut on stage.

“MN” is the documentation of this debut performance by Dirk Serries & N as Scatterwound. A massive explosion of noise drones, building a wall of buzzing and humming sounds with a melancholic note. Played in a church with a high ceiling the sound of the two guitars expanded and got also amplified by the room. If you turn up the volume while listening, you have a chance to get the feeling of how it was sitting in the church and listening to this drone mass.

Recorded at Christuskirche Bochum. Mixed and mastered by Dirk Serries.

Dirk Serries – Guitar
N – Guitar

“MN” will be released as a 4panel digisleeve, with reverseprinted artwork. Limited to 200 copies.



This record evolved as a concatenation of two happenings. Thisquietarmy presented his album “Democracy of Dust” on stage at the Moving Noises Evening 2017, supported by Tom Malmendier, who joined in for some live drum parts for older tracks of thisquietarmy. Dirk Serries played one of his last ambient sets before releasing “Epitaph” at the same evening. So things came together very quick and the idea was born to end up the evening as a trio.

“Hell” features a long improvisational track, in which you can hear typical Serries and thisquietarmy sounds accompanied by some diversified percussion sounds by Malmendier. The set starts very quiet and cautious and ends up in climax of experimental guitars and absolute amazing freejazz drumming.

Recorded at Christuskirche Bochum. Mixed by Dirk Serries. Mastered by Eric Quach.

Tom Malmendier – Drums
Dirk Serries – Guitar
Eric Quach – Guitar

“Hell” comes as a 6panel digisleeve with matt finish. Limited to 200 copies.

Release date 15.03.2019. Preorder starts 08.02.2019 | 20:00 german time.



After releasing “Nonland” and “Landlos” Aidan Baker (Nadja) and Karen Willems (Inwolves) played an improvisational set at the Moving Noises Festival 2017.

While the studio recordings have a song structure moving between experimental ambient to slightly freejazz sounds, the live set has a very open atmosphere that endorses the guitar and percussion sounds to build a slowly defining fragile structure in five parts, ending up in “Awel V” the most rhythmic and pushing track.

“Awel” comes in a 4 panel digisleeve with dark coloured images from the live session at Moving Noises Festival. Limited to 200 copies.

Recorded at Christuskirche Bochum. Mixed and mastered by Aidan Baker.

Awel I
Awel II
Awel III
Awel IV
Awel V

“Awel” will be released on 15.03.2019. Preorder starts 08.02.2019 | 20:00 german time.



There are a lot of commonalities if you compare the work of Aidan Baker and N, so it was just a question of time when both would play together. Back in 2016 both musicians toured together and that was the birth of a very special collaboration.

The double album “Doppellive” documents those two collaborations. One played in a ship in Hamburg, the other one took place in an art gallery in Wuppertal, next to the river Wupper and the Schwebebahn above it. So you have the clairaudient industrial room of the ship and an almost quiet gallery room with a skytrain next to the window, which drives through every 10 minutes and gives an extra drone effect to the sound (listen carefully).

The improvised sets show how harmonic the guitars match together. On the one side the rougher floating drone guitar sounds of N and on the other side the more ambient orientated guitar sounds of Aidan Baker. Also the leading guitar changes from part to part, so the sound never turns into a particular direction. It´s a perfect collaboration showing how music brings people together.

“Doppellive” comes as a double CD housed in a 6 panel digisleeve, reverseprinted on the rough cardboard side without finish, so you have a very tactile surface. Limited to 200 copies.

“Doppellive” will be released 15.03.2019. Preorder starts 08.02.2019 | 20:00 german time.

150316 Hamburg
230316 Wuppertal + Hidden Track


MD 050: N(59) – FAHRN

It´s been a while since a friend told us about a musician who is playing great heavy drones with his guitar. It was like “you should check out his show, he sounds great”. That´s what we did. We visited a show and it was overwhelming. Not only his music, but also talking to him after the show. This was also the beginning of a great friendship with Hellmut Neidhardt aka N and the start of an ongoing live experience. So it was a nice idea to celebrate this circumstance with a very special live document: N (59) “Fahrn”, a boxset with 7 tapes featuring 14 live sets and 507 minutes of music.

“Fahrn” features shows from 2009 – 2017. Every tape side is one show handpicked and mixed by the artist. All tapes are housed in o-cards, featuring pictures from all 14 shows. In those 507 minutes you will find 22 tracks, 10 of them are previously unreleased and 2 are pre-versions of later released studio recordings.

If you listen to the vinyl records by N, it´s always a great feeling, but it´s nothing compared to the intensity of the live shows. The tapes try to capture this live feeling, so no extra mastering was made after the final mixes by N. Just play it loud and you will get that magic raw moments of those live sets, moving from quiet ambient landscapes to loud and distorted drone and noise walls.

“Fahrn” Tracklist
Tape 1
Essen / Zollverein I: Zollverein / 35 59
Essen / Zollverein II: Wiek, Blauort, Prora-Stadt / 40 35
Tape 2
Bochum / FKT: Rote Fuhr / 24 17
Duisburg / Djaezz: Baerl / 23 12
Tape 3
Koblenz / Jam Club: Oie Kirr, Wehle, Suedfall / 63 50
Essen / Steinhaus: SH-1, Rote Fuhr, SH-2 / 53 47
Tape 4
Wuppertal / Galerie Groelle: Arrenberg / 29 54
Antwerp / Het Bos: Oie Kirr (dead pog version) / 28 05
Tape 5
Muenster / Cuba: Albachten / 43 21
Bielefeld / Uebersehcontainer: Baerl, Suedfall / 29 21
Tape 6
Essen / Emokeller: Ek-Rue, Prora-Stadt / 38 56
Dortmund / Sissikingkong: Deusen / 35 30
Tape 7
Gent / Kinkystar: Gent / 29 58
Duisburg / Topperhouse: Ruhrort / 30 12

All the tapes are clean white with flat shells featuring onbody prints, housed in black and white o-cards. Bringing the o-cards into the right chronological order, you can see a big black N logo on the one side of the spine and on the other side, all the credits of the release appear in the right order. The box is made of thick white 800g cardboard and has a handstamped N logo (stamped by N) on the top and is also stampnumbered on the bottom (01/25 – 25/25). All boxes come with a download code for all 14 live shows.

Limited to just 25 copies.
Preorder starts 20.12.2018 |20:00 german time



As you might have noticed our family is growing including many Italian artist and we are very happy to present you SARRAM alias Valerio Marras from Sardinia.

“Four Movements Of A Shade” is the second solo album by SARRAM. It features four haunting tracks, that move through different genres like doom, drone, ambient and somehow minimal post-rock, played with just a guitar and some synths. The idea behind that album was to go to the studio without having tracks: just an idea and the mood SARRAM had in mind to play an improvisational session. The result was recorded in one day at Blacktooth Studio by Nicola Olla and it turned out as a very dark and intense soundjourney. You can feel the temper of the recording session by listening to the four tracks of this record.

SARRAM recommends very loud volume for listening and yes we do that, too. The mastering by James Plotkin brings out all the details of the tracks, like maximum crackling of loud distorted parts but also the very quiet whispering of the guitar strings.

If you like artists like Sunn O))), Aidan Baker, N and Barn Owl, you will love this record.

“Four Movements Of A Shade” comes in edition of 200 copies housed in a black 4 panel sleeve with stunning black and white graphic artwork by Claudio Spanu.

Release date: 23.11.2018
Preorder starts 08.10.2018 | 20:00 (german time)

I (11:12)
II (5:52)
III (15:21)
IV (7:29)


We are pleased to announce a very special collaboration between two very special north Italian artists: Giulio Aldinucci and The Star Pillow aka Paolo Monti. Two artists who are very active since the last few years, both with a very elaborate focus on ambient music.

The result of this collaboration is called “Hidden”. A very intense, intimate, minimal and mindblowing four track album, focusing on field recordings, electronic sounds and guitar drones. The mixture of those ingredients brings something very beautiful to life. As we are big fans of both artists, we never had thought that a collaboration of Aldinucci and Monti would bring such a metamorphosis to the soundcosmos of both artists.

Just when you get an idea of the album after hearing the first track “To Be Invisible”, the second track “Hypothesis For An End” takes you on a 27 minutes long mesmerizing and intoxicating trip with a beautiful worked out climax. After that you need the following tracks to calm down. A perfect weight of electronic sounds and very calm and gentle played guitar, all mastered by Antonio Gallucci. A floating and buzzing masterpiece.

“Hidden” comes in an edition of 200 copies with a matte finished 4 panel artwork, featuring cover artwork by Giulio Aldinucci.

Release date: 23.11.2018
Preorder starts 08.10.2018 | 20:00 pm (german time)

To Be Invisible (5:25)
Hypothesis For An End (27:28)
Third Space (7:09)
Getting Cold (7:10)

MD 044: N (46) / [ B O L T ]

Once again we are very proud to present you a new album by the german collaboration N + [ B O L T ]. It´s the 3rd full length album, once again nameless, once again summon after his artwork as “die Krähe (the crow)”, which follows the sold out nameless albums known as “der Hase (the rabbit)” and “das Hörnchen (the squirrel)”.

The album features tracks from the last session of the band as a trio (as for now [ B O L T ] grew and became a band with two bass players and a drummer). Imagine an industrial area, with big smokestacks and metal architecture, mostly quiet and sometimes interrupted by machine noises and from somewhere you hear the sound of N + [ B O L T ] coming through the walls of an old brickstone building. This is what you see and hear around the recording studio, where the band recorded and mixed the album.

After their last album, the band decided to evolve their sound to something they call “black drone”. And yes, what you hear is not ambient anymore, it is a very intense noise soundwall focusing on rhythmic and marching drones and dark soundscapes. You can still hear the signature sound of the N guitar and the [ B O L T ] basses, but this time the band pushes the sound without calming down. It´s a rough album and maybe the most heavy album in our discography.

The album comes in an edition of 100 red transparent and 100 black vinyl records, housed in a thick 350g reverse printed sleeve, with a dark and rough artwork. Including a download code.

Release date: 23.11.2018
Preorder starts 08.10.2018 | 20:00 pm (german time)

9.45 (9:45)
6.50 (6:50)
10.20 (10:20)
13.42 (13:42)



Italian musician Attilio Novellino is a multi-instrumentalist with a very detailed view on soundscapes. His music consists of fragile floating ambient soundscapes, supplemented by noisy soundwalls and band orientated parts. A very diversified but homogeneous mixture, that creates a signature sound for this special album, called “A Conscious Effort”.

The album features a variation of guest musicians like Tim Barnes, Alex Vatagin, Daniel Mackenzie (Ekca Liena), Witxes and more, who contributed their instrumental parts to a soundcosmos that takes you on a journey through shallow soundclouds but also through very band-like structures moving from ambient, electronic, drone and noise to doom-like tracks. All in all the album has a very warm approach to sounds and the vinyl mastering by Rashad Becker places the right emphasis on it.

Listen to the stunning “The Anatomy Of Envy”:

“A Conscious Effort” comes in an edition of 100 copies on transparent vinyl with a stunning reverse printed black and white artwork, printed on 350g cardboard.

Release Date: 05.10.2018

Side A: 1 Conceptual Experience of the Body | 2 False Self Cage | 3 Boundless Hope, Boundless Illusion | 4 The Anatomy of Envy | 5 Shamecore
Side B: 1 Pure | 2 Neurofeedback Radiations | 3 Satan Is Always Happy | 4 Perceptual Experience of the Body | 5 You Falling | 6 Amygdala Poetry