MD 097 | LP+CD | 22.02.2022



Thisquietarmy and N met during live shows and festivals on and off for years. As both are always interested in doing collaborations it was just a matter of time, when both would team up for a guitar drone convention.

All started with an improvisational live set in Cologne, followed by a studio session in Duisburg, back in 2019.

“Zerfall | Zerfallen” features all the tracks of those two sessions, except one track, that is
featured on “Zerstoeren”, the sister release (MD 098).

“Zerfall” (LP) features two epic tracks and it is obvious after the first seconds, that the studio session was a loud unfaltering monster. We can say that for sure, because this is one of the rare occasions, we had the chance to join the recording session. Imagine an old industrial building with a big studio room on the upper floor, where two guitarists are sitting in front of an amp wall, playing so loud that no earplug can save you.

The first track “Zerfall Alpha” flows with loud noise soundwalls by N and the looming sounds of thisquietarmy, evolving into soundscapes that feel like both guitars are melting into one unbending soundwall, going loud and sometimes quiet even to get subsequently louder. “Zerfall Beta” is the evil twin of the A side track and unfolds a massive drone doom wave.

“Zerfallen” (CD) features the other three tracks of the session, in the same mood like “Zerfall” but with an individual sonic evolving. All rounded up by the live session from Cologne “Zerstaeuber“, which is also featured on “Zerfallen”. Here you can discover, how the musicians approached very tentative, how their sounds work together for the very first time.

All in all, you get 2 hours of massive drone doom ambient noise guitar fulmination. Listen loud for maximum aftermath.

“Zerfall | Zerfallen” comes in an edition of 222 copies on LP+CD. Black vinyl with printed labels, housed in reverse board printed sleeve on 300g cardboard. The CD is housed in a reverse board printed cardboard wallet.

If you want to read more about the recording session, here is an intrview Eric and Hellmut did for Fifteen Questions

Zerfall (LP)
A Zerfall Alpha 22:27
B Zerfall Beta 23:20

Zerfallen (CD)
01 Zerfallen Eins 11:21
02 Zerfallen Zwei 12:52
03 Zerfallen Drei 31:27
04 Zerstaeuber 17:24

thisquietarmy (amps+guitars)
N (amps+guitars)
recorded by Tobias Stieler, June 2019
mastered by Eric Quach, March 2021
photographies by Roxane De Koninck
LP + CD / Limited to 222 copies
LP comes on black vinyl / printed labels / reverseboard printed sleeve
CD comes in reverseboard printed sleeve