On November 16th the first Moving Noises Festival will take place at the impressive Christuskirche Bochum in Germany. We are presenting this Festival in cooperation with

The first 100 ticket buyers will get a special gift, that will be manufactured by us: We are talking about the Moving Noises CD, that includes 10 previously unreleased Tracks by all artists that will play at the Moving Noises Festival.

moving noises artworkThe CD comes in a gatefold digipack.

Here is the tracklist:

Stratosphere – For Those Who Have Thoughts
Dirk Serries – Microphonics XXI – Light
Fabio Orsi – Infekt
Aidan Baker – 12 String Melody 1
N (29) – Syke
Svarte Greiner – Untitled (Live at Christuskirche Bochum)
Duane Pirte – Untitled Electronic Study #1
thisquietarmy – Christuskirche Interlude
Nightheart – Helmet
[ B O L T ] & Torbn –  [ 2 5 ] / Untitled

We have some copies left of the CD. Grab your copy in our Online Store…

Moving Noises Festival