Some years ago Dirk Serries and N started to think about a collaboration after they toured together. And yes, that was also our idea, when we visited some shows where they played four alternating sets without a final fifth climax of playing together.

But there is this urban legend that says, that once there was this fifth set during a soundcheck. They also recorded this collaboration and forgot about it until they randomly listened to the tracks during a harddrive search for something else.

And that´s the point 0.0, the beginning of the confraternity. The start of the musical ritual between those two distinguished ambient and drone musicians.

“0.0” features two epic tracks, which of course sound like Dirk Serries and N but also not, because there is this certain mood, a special dynamic and energy without restraint.

Noisy guitars with floating soundscapes lumber through the speakers. Is it just Dirk Serries and N or are there also Dylan Carlson and Stephen O´Malley? No, this is Scatterwound.

“0.0” comes as black tape with a minimal square inlay, because: Minimal visuals, maximum sounds.

The pouch-sleeve is made of thick grey canvas, with black and white stitches. All handmade. Limited to 50 copies.

Only available at the Moving Noises Festival 2017.

Update: All remaining copies are available here (selling from 07.02.2017 at 20:00 german time)


VA - Moving Noises IIThe next Moving Noises Festival will take place on 21. February 2015. For this reason we curated this nice digital release for you. Every artist of the festival roster contributed a previously unreleased track or a new live version of a track. The result is a 77minutes long compilation with a massive range of experimental sounds. Drone, Ambient, Synthiedrone, Horror-Surf-Rock, Spoken Words, Electronics, Doom, Noise, Modern Classic…

Stream and download the Compilation for a price of your choice.

Here is the tracklist:

Dirk Serries – Microphonics XXVI Deconstruction Faith

RM 74 – Let Go Of The Earth

Piiptsjilling – Rein

Mohammad – Vildblomma (Live)

Silver Graves – Urquell

Tape Measure Kid – Fissure (Live)

Nadja – Icelight (Live)

Machinefabriek – Op

Listen, share and buy your ticket for the Festival.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3689235798 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=ffffff tracklist=false artwork=small]

See you there.


On November 16th the first Moving Noises Festival will take place at the impressive Christuskirche Bochum in Germany. We are presenting this Festival in cooperation with

The first 100 ticket buyers will get a special gift, that will be manufactured by us: We are talking about the Moving Noises CD, that includes 10 previously unreleased Tracks by all artists that will play at the Moving Noises Festival.

moving noises artworkThe CD comes in a gatefold digipack.

Here is the tracklist:

Stratosphere – For Those Who Have Thoughts
Dirk Serries – Microphonics XXI – Light
Fabio Orsi – Infekt
Aidan Baker – 12 String Melody 1
N (29) – Syke
Svarte Greiner – Untitled (Live at Christuskirche Bochum)
Duane Pirte – Untitled Electronic Study #1
thisquietarmy – Christuskirche Interlude
Nightheart – Helmet
[ B O L T ] & Torbn –  [ 2 5 ] / Untitled

We have some copies left of the CD. Grab your copy in our Online Store…

Moving Noises Festival